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Carbon Tweaks

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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This is a Carbon version of my tweak mod

Check out my MW version :

Changes that i made :
- Change Exotic Starter Car to CLK500 so it matches with Sal's Tier 1 Car, also giving you more advantage to play on Exotic Route.
- Remove Cross from Pursuit, including Heat 10. Now Heat 10 will spawn Supercharged SUV instead (Why the heck Cross still appear in Pursuit with his old police car, you're messing the timeline).
- Disable cops patrol in Circuit Races, instead enable them for Checkpoint Races like in MW.
- Fix bugged cop spawn in some Challenge Series. For example, in Challenge with Chevelle SS, cops with spawn correctly as Undercover GTO in Heat 4 (Normally it will spawn Federal Corvette).
- Fix some of subtitle error (If you're using Extra Options), i can't fully edit Darius subtitle though because i'm not a native speaker.
- Fix swapped description in Challenge Series with Angie & Kenji's car.
- Swap some of the cops name. For example, "SUV Heavy" now called "Heavy SUV", "Civic Undercover Cruiser" now called "Undercover Civic Cruiser", etc.
- Audi Le Mans Quattro (R8) will now be available in Car Lot once you beat the Career Mode. It still cost you 250k though, but at least you can use this OP car in Free Roam. Note that you'll need a new savegame in order to work (Why Black Box doesn't want to include this car in Career Mode, that's not fair).

Update 1.1 :
I just realize that the engine of Corvette cops is disappear when i tried to remove Cross from Pursuit, so i made Cross re-appear again, but instead it's not Cross anymore. He's a Palmont Commander.
He'll drive the same livery as Heat 5 cops, but instead of white, his livery is black colored.

I also change Semi-Truck color from black & white to blue & white like in MW, making it more visible to see.

Update 1.2 :
- Enable Traffic for Canyon Sprint & Race Wars. Canyon Drift, Canyon Checkpoint, and Canyon Duel still doesn't have traffic because of the breakable barrier, Canyon Sprint on Quick Race also doesn't have traffic (Why bother having traffic in quick race ?)
- Grey-scheme undercover police like in NFS World, also cleaned Palmont Commander's livery
- Fix verbalcode bug for Carrera GT & Skyline GT-R, for some reason the game refuse to load the verbalcode and skip the car description, so i change it to "Sport Car" for Carrera GT and "Nissan" for Skyline. I also fix some of the car that doesn't have any verbalcode like Chevelle SS and Challenger Concept
- Since Audi Le Mans is obtainable in Career, i change the ending text to "Check it out at the Car Lot" instead (A screen before credit rolls)
- Fix BMW M3 GTR logo so it looks like MW logo. Actually, i already upload this as a separate mod, but i've decided to make it into a single pack so you don't have to download twice (except if you want a separate mod)

*Note : If you're updating the mod from 1.0 to 1.1 or 1.2 and you see some error, just ignore it.

You must download VltEd first to install the mod (Skip if already have)

Installation is in the Readme file
If you found any bug, please let me know

Tools used :
- NFS-VltEd
- NFS-TexEd
- Labrune

Special Thanks :
- nfsu360 for NFS-VltEd & NFS-TexEd
- nlgxzef for Labrune


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