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Audi R8 Le-Mans '09

Need For Speed Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
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2009 Audi R8 LMS

This car is converted from NFS:Shift and it Replaces "Jaguar XK".

Can be customize with:

>BOdykits (5-Race paints)
>Vinyls (not 100% Correct Mapping)
>Rim paint

1.Unpack all fies.
2.Run setup.exe, located in Audi R8 LMS Folder, and Select NFS Carbon main Directory.

1. Working Brakelight Textures.
2. NFS:Prostreet Driver Model.
3. Detailed Model.

1. Bad UV Mapping in BODY Textures, but still you can apply vinyls..

First of all Special thanks goes to my teacher "Excelrate", they tought me every thing related to NFSMW modding and also tought me additional stuff like "how to make car with Livries, UV Mapping, how to fill "ALPHA CHANNELS" in a pic by Phtoshop and other things that i forgot now,and NFS Carbon modding is same like NFSMW's Modding so now iam able to convert cars for this game too, and in last i want to say that iam very thankfull of my teacher.

EA and Slightly Mad Studios - for MOdel and textures of this car.
My friends that supports my conversion projects, especially SLZ, Lich king, Excelrate, Alexc12fr, Speeding Machine, Johnny B, CHase_UC and other ARG members and others that i forgot now.
nfsu360 - for NFSC ModTools
piehe - for Nurburging Livrey.
Oleg Melashenko - for ZModeler 1 and 2 + helping me in UV Mapping issue.
Johnny B - for Uploading my car on NFSCars
Gamer boy - for Converting this car in NFS:Carbon .

Have Fun!



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