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June 10, 2012, 12:32 p.m.

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Las Vegas Final Version 2.0

Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes
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Las Vegas Final Version 2.0


If you like Lost Vegas, you will be love this track. My biggest track, and one of biggest track for NFS4 ever. All 227 blocks of gambling, shopping and entertainment. Now, also as a track to the NFS HS. A lot of original hotels and great neons. Now also add Nevada desert part, with hidden base, old wood bridge and canyon. Lots of new motels and chapels. New Fremont street and downtown. So do not lose time, take gambling chips and gas.

Version 2.0 Updates:

- Track shape a little changed
- New Street lights
- New downtown part
- New horizon
- Track road is wider
- Track is also about 5 mb lighter

So wish you fun and dizzying speed. Waiting for comments, and suggestions about the errors.

All files from track files, copy to folder Empire City(location - Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\Tracks\Empire).

File TR18_00 copy to Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\FeArt\Slides

Files TR018 copy to Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\FeArt\VidWall

Full view recommended.

Rear mirror always OFF!!!

And have fun.

SlawekR Elblag POLAND.


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