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Los Angeles Final Part II Beverly Hills

Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes
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Los Angeles Final Part II Beverly Hills

Los Angeles Final Part II. Huge Wilshire Blvd and fashionable, well-known and very expensive Beverly Hills district.
I it so fun when you drive pink cadillac with big wings on back .
Most fun is in pursit mode, crazy chase in streets, this is what we all love.

In this track you can discover:

- Long Wilshire Blvd from downtown (included Korea Town, buildigns like Bullocks Wilshire or Pellissier Building) to Beverly Hills Wilshire Part
- Legendary Park Plaza
- Beverly Hills Civic Center with City Hall
- Beverly Hills Wilshire Center (Cedas Sinai Medical Group and many banks)
- Wilshire Beverly Hotel with the most famous and expensive street in the world Rodeo Drive.
- Beverly Hills Hotel (hotel of many stars from Hollywood)
- happy and cool Axel Foley

and many palms, trees and streets.

So wish you fun and dizzying speed. Waiting for comments, and suggestions about the errors.

All files from track files, copy to folder Atlantica(location - Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\Tracks\Atlantic).

File TR12_00 copy to Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\FeArt\Slides

Files TR12 copy to Need For Speed High Stakes\Data\FeArt\VidWall

And have fun.

Full view recommended.

SlawekR Elblag POLAND.


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