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Chevrolet Pursuit Caprice - modded

Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes
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This is a modified version of XJ220 and X64's Traffic Pursuit Caprice. I liked the improvements made to the model but I didn't like some of the extra 3D parts because they looked a bit out of place and some of the other parts of the car.

Changes I made:
Mesh -
- Pushguard and lightbar stilts removed, lightbar lowered slightly
- Front and rear license plates removed
- Second police officer in passenger's seat removed
- Strange exhaust pipe apparatus that extended across the car length-wise covering the bottom side of the chassis removed
- Added damage

Other -
- Gave the car a more standard headlight and flashing light pattern, the one it had before was weird and out of place with really tiny and fast flashing headlights I thought
- Player performance for the vehicle is an slightly improved version of CountBitt's traffic police performance improvement;
the car weighs slightly less (2000 kg instead of 2200, still heavier than the default 1600-1800 if I remember correctly) which is slightly more realistic and improves acceleration slightly (it can still bully you plenty if it catches up to you), it has a little more top-end power, and it handles slightly better
- AI performance vastly improved; it uses a version of the Pursuit Diablo's acceleration tables (this does not affect player-driven performance) with a quickened initial acceleration, therefore it gets going to a moderate speed quickly from a complete stop, even the Diablo isn't that fast though when AI driven…

Mods I used:


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