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1998 Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 V6 Super

Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes
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––––-1998 Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 V6 Super created by Schaefft––––-

Date: November 29th, 2020

Thanks for downloading my very first Mod for Need for Speed High Stakes!

After 20 years of playing High Stakes (and a very strange sudden urge to create a car for the game) I thought it might be time to contribute to the NFS modding community by creating this Alfa 166, a rather obscure choice mainly based on my just as strange sudden desire to own and drive one of these big Alfas. I blame Gran Turismo2!

As you can tell I was aiming for an authentic NFS HS look with a low poly mesh (~1500 tris) and a fully textured body, similar to an original EA car.

I'm quite satisfied with the results. While Im too lazy to give it a proper dash (its using the E39 M5 dash for the cockpit view) it does have a proper damage model and Alfa's beautiful range of 166 colors.

Handling is based on the EA Z3 2.8 which means its a B-Class vehicle as it should be. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to give this a 6-speed so 5 gears have to suffice for now.

Thanks to AJ_Lethal for his excellent NFS:HS Modding Tutorials (You can find them here: and for letting me bug him about random questions I had during the creation of this car.

I am not sure if I am going to release another version with a custom dash and proper showroom stats (anyone who wants to, feel free to contact me!). I might think about creating another largely forgotten but cool vehicle though, its quite refreshing not having to work on a car for weeks or months to get a satisfying result!

- Authentic NFS HS Look (Full Body Texture)
-1500 Tris
- Damage
- Animated Driver
- Alfa Romeo 166 Colors
- Cockpit, but EA M5
- B-Class, handling largely based on EA Z3 2.8

Thanks again and enjoy!


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