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T3ED 4.2.0 (343)

Need For Speed High Stakes

Lasse Kärkkäinen
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Need For Speed High Stakes
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NFS 3 / 4 Track Editor

New in Version 4.2.0 (343):
- Improved "Erase all" function. Instead of turning the track into a circle you have much more options now: Set a x and y multiplier, and add additional curves with the sine function. It can also be used to make ups and downs.
- Copy & Paste blocks with hs_extra data. (Number of lanes.)
- Paste block as object: The object will now be exactly at the blocks position. You have to move it when necessary.
- Simplified Code for selecting Virtual Road-Points.
- Block Highlighting will now work for Virtual Road Points.
- Virtual Road Points will be shown as stars instead of crosses.
- Import & export of Virtual Road, Heights, spdfa and spdra data to "Vr_H_Spd.csv".
- Fix for pasting blocks with other than 8 slices.
- Fix for pasting only spdfa / spdra data. In older versions a recalculation of “poly vroad” on block 0 was done with wrong parameters.

New in Version 4.2.0 (323)
- Remap objects to block. Calculates the distance between the object middle and block middle. And them moves the data to the block with shortest range.
- Resize whole track. I made experiments with “Transtropolis”. XY values above  1.15 messes up the visibility.
- The extra object properties dialog has been changed to fit on 1024x768 screens.
- Fixed a bug that occurs when converting objects.
- "Adjust road width" with experimental VRoad lane manipulation.

- Added an option to select lane (chunk 6) and fences (chunk 1,2,3)
- Raytracing  moved it to ‘Whole track’ menu.
- Option "Copy shadow to very close points" added to avoid hard separations between shaded and unshaded surfaces.

New in Version 4.2.0 (309):
- When exporting visibility, the file will be saved in the track directory.
- With “Show track based on visibility” you can now use the right mouse button to set visibility edges of the selected block. Control + right mouse toggles the block.
- Better handling of visibility when you delete / insert a block.

- Bugfix for deleting the last block of a track with less then 8 virtual road points.
- Ability the change all texture of a block with its objects in one step.
- Show more info about what is selected in the status bar.
- When moving virtual road points manually, the „ColVroadVecs“  of track polygons will be recalculated.
- You can change all texture of a block or an object in one step. (Edit → Texture when in block or object mode.)
- “File → Changes all textures” to edit all texture numbers of the track,
- Export a block to an off – file.
- Paste a block as polygon (blue) object.
- Rewritten for “Adjust road width” function.
- Added an “Adjust road width” button to block properties.

For NFS3
- T3ED loads now the nfs3 heights file "simhts.dat" and the speed files "speedsf.bin/speedsr.bin".
- Adjust the “col.vroadHead.size” to allow paste/delete blocks on nfs3 tracks!
- Changes to the texture dialog on nfs3 tracks:
    It shows the texture id and the bitmap number in the qfs – file.
    NFS3 Texture Properties dialog was added. It allows to change two sided & animated textures.
- Import/Export the NFS3 textureblock.

HS Only:
- Gobal object chunk 1 will be loaded and saved correctly. (Cross-) type 6 object are now visible.
Type 6 objects can be deleted, duplicated and moved as global objects. To edit them, convert to an extra object, make the changes, and convert back to global.
- Since I don’t understand all type6 data, the unknown 60 bytes can be exported & imported. I think it stores the weight, behavior and size.

- Clear / Set shadows of extra objects manually. You can also change the color and transparency of the objects texture there!
- Point Properties with shading values.
- Many changes to Nappe’s ray tracer:
* Extra object can get shadows.
* Set sun and shadow color.
* You can now select what object get new shadows
* Select object that cast shadows
* If you set transparency, this points can be ignored from ray tracer


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