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Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes
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This is a conversion tool to extract all the geometry data stored in the Need for Speed 4 FRD files. (NFS 3 not supported)

This work is based on the tool "FRD2LWO" by KROM

I improved his tool with the following bugfixes/feautures.

-Triangles are now converted
-The textures now correspond to the right polygons
-All maps have been tested and are working
-No geometry is skipped (except low quality polygons)
-Animation trajectory coordinates are exported

Road lane textures:
The Textures 0-9 on every track are the road lane textures, but in the QFS File are only 1 pixel placeholder textures.
I don't know where the original ones are stored, so I added my selfmade textures which you can paste over the placeholders.
The road lane texture 9 is never used in forward tracks, so you only have to overwrite 0-8.

This tool is designed to work with the FSHtool from Denis Auroux.
It reads the output index.fsh file, which needs in the same directory as the .FRD file you want to convert.
This is needed so that the mirrored textures in the QFS file that are not used are skipped,
else the output file would point to the wrong .BMP files. If you use another texture extraction tool which
does not have this problem with the mirrored textures, then just create an empty index.fsh file

To import the lwo files and the textures into Blender, I use the 'blender-import-lwo' tool from nangtani.

I wrote a little addon so speed-up the import: IO_Batch_import_lwo, which you have to put into your Blender addons directory

What's missing:
- The animation objects are in the correct initial position but are not correctly oriented in space, the angles can be found the exported coordinates.
- The animation coordinates of the train in Redrock are missing but I can't find it in the data. Maybe EA forgot to animate it in the PC version?

If you detect other problems or have specific questions don't hesitate to contact me at goschidetlef[at]
I hope to see those beautiful old maps ported into new engines and to race them down again like in old times:
The User TOAST ported already all NFS 3+4 maps to Wreckfest, even the hidden PS1 tracks:


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