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T3ED 4.3.0 (400): NFS 3 / 4 Track Editor with integrated Replay Camera Editor

Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes
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New in Version 4.3.0 (400):
- Fix moving multiple vroad points (wasn't working anymore).
- Drop vroad refpoints (Alt D).
- Drop lanes down on road (black & blue polys, Alt D).
- Drop points, polygon & extra objects on track and object polygons (Alt D).
- Add lights (ctrl + l) on selected points, polygons (middle) or objects (middle).
- Add sounds on selected points, polygons (middle) or objects (middle).
- Added 'Colorbuttons' to make it easier to select shading colors.

New in Version 4.3.0 (393):
- Paste X & Y (Shift Y) and Paste Z (Shift Z) now uses the clipboard. Copy point to clipboard before (Ctrl C).
- Bug fix for entering move distance, directly after deleting a polygon.
- Auto adjust Z on virtual road points when moving (X & Y). Won't be done if Altkey pressed, or z is moved.
- Auto adjust Z when moving lane points (X & Y). They will be placed 0.025 above the track polygon below. If you don't want it press Alt while moving.

New in Version 4.3.0 (390):
- Replay Cameras will be sorted.
- When saving: Show warning messages if track breaks limits. Which are 512 for crosstype 4 extra objects and 128 for crosstype 6 global objects. Thanks to Zalcus20 for the info.
- Bugfix when selecting blue polygons.
- Safety checks for the "Move" function.
- Improved "Paste Block" function.

New in Version 4.3.0 (386):
- Paste block to current vroad added.
- If you import a Vr_H_Spd.csv file with changed virtual road values, the track can be rearranged to that new virtual road. This can be used to change track shapes.
- Bug fix: Poly VR Flags will only be displayed for (black) track polygons. (Alt + enter)
- Bug fix for Pasting HS extra data (Number of lanes)
- New option: Set visibility minimum.
- New function: Copy & paste virtual road points. You can select what will be pasted. Position & vectors, Heights data, spdFa data, spdRa data or HS extra Data (Number of lanes)
- When converting (Global, extra & polygon) objects you won't lose shadow/color information anymore.
- The "Show track based on visibility" mode has been improved if a global object is selected.
- Several safety checks have been added to avoid illegal memory calls. I think this version has the best stability of the ones I made. If you find a error that can be reproduced please let me know.
- Integrated Replay Camera Editor:
[li]    "" will be loaded / saved with the frd-file.[/li]
[li]    Enable viewing cameras by "View -> Show Replay Cameras"[/li]
[li]    Move, copy, and delete them like other objects.[/li]
[li]    When a camera is selected a light blue line from camera start to stop will be display along the virtual road. You can adjust the cameras start and stop with (Alt) PG Up/Down keys.[/li]
[li]    When you press "Alt" while moving a camera T3ED will adjust start, stop and render.[/li]


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