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Jan. 29, 2006, 10:06 p.m.

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Low Poly car pack 2, everyday cars

Need For Speed High Stakes

Need For Speed High Stakes
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i should have warned you in the previous version, these pack s do not got wheels, i gotta leave some of the modeling up to you!
pretty much the same as the last pack, zip filled with z3ds and tga textures
this includes moder and everyday cars, slightly higher poly than the last pack.

heres the car list
2002 honda civic
1969 mustang mach 1
1985 chevy van
1979 gmc cube van
gmc tanker
1985 buick lesabre
1971 buick riviera
2004 dodge ram
2004 lincoln mk9
1998 ford ambulance
1990 bmw 5
2001 volkswagen beetle
2004 chrylser town and country
2001 chevy corvette
1986 lincoln town car limo
2000 international 440e bus
police car
police car 2
1989 toyota corolla
1994 ford probe
1975 mercury country squire

pretty much the same rules, ask me to convert, put my name in credits, email is to ask to convert ot other game or just chat on msn.
this pack includes a secondary set of textures that has color or different paintjobs, ill upload that screenshot once the file is uploaded
there was somthing else i was supposed to mention, i just dont remeber it, oh well, thats the way she goes


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