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Feb. 23, 2008, 3:37 p.m.

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Euro/French [upcoming ?] license plate

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Need For Speed High Stakes
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Hello everybody ! Le bonjour de la France ^___^

Here is my first upload for this huuuuge library ! It's born from junk, as usual… These times in France the government talks about reforming license plates. I wanted to see what it could look like with my usual graphic editor… And the result was quite impressive ^^

The idea of including this plate in NFS : HS was just a few steps away, and it reached me, of course ^^ And well… the result is still impressive, even if everything is resized to a really little plate. Take a look at the screens if you are interested, I won't teach you anything I guess !

All the european cars (supporting personnal plates) I downloaded here got a true european plate now ^^ and euro plates resized like US ones seem good to me ^^ so I thought you could be intersted. Remeber this : don't enter more than 6 characters in the pilot's name, or the plate will be a little well… try and see if you want ^^ this doesn't provocate crashes, it's just laughable ; )

That's all ! Thanks for reading and (dreaming's allowed, isn't it ?) downloading, hope you'll like it ! And sorry for my possible bad or repetitive english ^^ enjoyyyy !!! :D


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