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April 5, 2010, 5:20 a.m.

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Pursuit 1999 Dodge Ram Sport Protective Services edition.

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Pursuit 1999 Dodge Ram Sport - "Protective Services" edition.

8th May 2010

*** v1.1 contains the optional second policeman as a passenger, enabled when the vehicle's lights are turned on - that is the only change from v1.0 of this vehicle ***

Updated by Quentin Christensen

Ok, first of all, I want to state that the original 1998 Dodge Ram model was created by Trevor Lennox, then edited by Grunt of the now closed site "Pursuit Inc" into a pursuit 1999 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Dodge Ram, and I take no credit for their work. What I have done, is:

- Added a substantial damage model.
- Tweaked the performance.
- Added a convertable tonneau cover (Pickup bed cover)
- Added the dash from the Pursuit Camaro
- Changed the cop art from an RCMP mountie to a more generic policeman.
- Created new skins for the car in different pursuit liveries.

Included Skins in this version:
- US Customs Service (Car00)
- US Forestry Service Law Enforcement (UK)
- US Border Patrol (France)
- Vermont State Game Warden (Germany)
- US Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement (Australia)

I wanted a low poly pursuit ute (pickup) with damage, and used Grunt's as a base to experiment and add my own damage to - I then changed the skin to a UN Police skin, and added several varieties for the different country tracks (although there is an aus.tga file in there, I've never found a track it works on, and I have the Australian version of the game, if anyone knows how to edit a track's country, please let me know!). I then added the other features above to give the vehicle just about every NFS4 feature (except upgrades).

I hope you enjoy, and look forward to receiving your feedback, particularly on the damage model, as this is the first time I've tried editing something like this!


Quentin Christensen (OgO)


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