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Holden 1964 EH Standard Sedan

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1964 EH Holden Standard Sedan
edited by Quentin Christensen

Date of release: Friday 16th July 2010
Version: 1.0
Original model: Aussie Muscle then Spazzass/VQ (Alex Isaac)

Based on Alex Isaac's 2004 release "Holden EH '65 Blown". Unfortunately I was unable to obtain permission, as the contact details in the original readme are no longer in use, but I give full credit to Aussie Muscle for the original model and Alex Isaac's modifications. If this does reach either of you, please get in touch with me to let me know if you approve or not of me using your model!

I've tried to turn Alex's blown and lowered 2 door EH 'back' into a more stock 4 door EH. I've also given the car, chrome strips, factory paint job, damage, a convertible option to turn it into a Silvertop taxi (from Melbourne Australia). I started to make a dash view, but I just couldn't get the hang of it, so I apologise for it's lack of inclusion.

The model has:
Triangles: 4421
Vertices: 3855

with 294 triangles and 234 vertices being used in the convertible part.

I had a play with the carp.txt to try and make it realistic - I'm not sure if I've managed that, but it's fun to drive (I did discover this morning when playing around that I can do 100 in reverse, and control the car pretty well - I suspect that might not be 100% true to the original!).

I've given the car 8 paint colours - the 7 available on paper for the Standard sedan and also "Canary Yellow", as is popular with some other taxi companies around the world (and indeed, in Melbourne in modern times). It was also possible to have your car painted pretty much any of the colours available to the three models. The official colours listed for the EH Standard were:

Fowlers ivory
Gundagai grey
Warrigal black (sedan only)
Amberley blue
Windorah beige
Budgeree green
Balhannah green

Thanks to:

for that list. The hardest job I had with the colours, was trying to find photos of cars in a couple of the more obscure ones - I could not find a picture of either of the greens, so I kind of made them up. If anyone knows what they should actually look like, I'd be pleased to see a picture!

Information on the Holden EH:

Released 26th August 1963, in a period of 18 months more than 250,000 EH's were sold, making it the fastest selling Australian car ever.. Engine options ranged from a 2450cc 149 cubic inch six cylinder producing 75kW, up to a 2950cc 179 cubic inch six cylinder producing 86kW mated to either a three speed manual or three speed Hydramatic gear box. 0 - 100 km/h of the 149 engine was 15.8 seconds with a standing 400 metres 20.2 seconds (149)

The EH was produced in four distinct body styles. These were the sedan, station wagon, panel van and utility.

Of the four body styles available, the two passenger models were offered in three levels of refinement;

- "Standard" models were basic with no real badging and were mostly fitted with 149ci engines, rubber floors, no radio and generally one-tone acrylic paint jobs.
- "Special" models came equipped with chrome strips all round, carpet was an option, a console radio, special badges and two-tone paint jobs still in acrylic paint.
- "Premier" was the top of the range model with all the trimmings; metallic enamel paint, a centre console heater, upgraded interior, deep dish rims and examples these days are very rare.

The Standard EH was the same price as its predecessor (EJ) at AU £1051 ($2102).

The "S4 Special" was introduced in September 1963 and featured a larger fuel tank, hardened gears, metal lined brake shoes and a larger tailshaft. Six examples were produced at Holden's Dandenong plant in Melbourne and approximately 120 cars were built at Pagewood in Sydney.


If you want to modify this car, my only request on the work I have done is that you give me credit, and since I haven't been able to contact Aussie Muscle or Alex Isaac, I don't speak on their behalf.


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