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March 13, 2012, 6:57 a.m.

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Super Realistic NFS HP2

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
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Well guys. I was wondering how to make the good old NFS HP2 to look more modern and realistic. And in search of the solution I remembered the GTA SAN ANDREAS game and a little thingy called ENB SERIES that can make the good old SAN ANDREAS look almost like GTA 4 by encreasing the graphic level by adding the Chrome effect to cars ,awesome blooms, shaders , realistic highlights & shadows . And I thought to my self, is there a possible way to make SAN ANDREAS ENB SERIES work for NFS HP2 ? Unfortunatlly No :((( But on one Russian gamers forume I`ve found information that ENB for GTA Vice City works almost perfectly with NFS HP 2.

So… the whole mode in fact is ENB SERIES FOR GTA VICE CITY adopted and edited and reseted for NFS HP 2 by Me.I`ve spend few hours by costomising the effects, blooms , settings and other stuff in enbseries.ini file to make all effects look as more realistic as possible and to make it work as fast as possible and not owerspend
the computer resourses then ENB series are in use , because the original GTA Vice city enbseries.ini setings weren`t THAT impresive to look at and were very LAGY and buggy .In fact the original VICE CITY enbseries.ini setings just SUCKED and thanks to me I rearenged al the setings to those you can see on screenshots XDDD The Bad thing was is that ENB series did not made any effect on the cars reflections and chrome like it did in GTA. Soooo i decided to add the costome reflections you can find and download here on NFSCARS by CarreraGT123… so all thanks & credits for car chrome goes to him, awesome job , thanks. But for your comfort the Chrome mode by CarreraGT123 is already in the archive .


1) extract the files form ''ENB (extract to main game folder)'' folder to your main game folder (all thanks to Captain Obvious)

2) Extract and Replace the reflection.ini file to the CARS folder

3) Run the game and be AMAZED & enjoy!!! XDDD

All thanks to the CarreraGT123 for his awesome car chrome mode amd the guys who made ENB SERIES FOR GTA VICE CITY.
And don`t forget to thank me Unlimited Edition for such a briliant idea to use ENB series from vice city and adopt and set them for NFS HP2 XDDD

if you don`t like my ENB setings you can allways reset enbseries.ini file setings by your own taste :3

PS… all the awesome cars ARE NOT INCLUDED XDDD but you can allways find them here ant NFSCARS.COM :3


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