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June 2, 2012, 9:08 p.m.

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Tropics at Night

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
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This is my first mod for a Need for Speed game :)

I edited most of the textures of the Hawaii track to make it look like you are racing at nightfall. It doesn't look THAT good, since the lighting effects of the track were made to look like it's daytime, and since I couldn't edit that (modifying the ini files didn't seem to work for me at least), I only relied on the textures.

But I think it looks okay overall, and it's worth posting :P What I did was just colorize and change the brightness and other stuff on the original textures, and use some others from Need for Speed Underground 2.

I couldn't find any night mod for this track anywhere, and I can see why: the track has over 600 textures! So I thought it was about time someone made it and I did.

So I hope you enjoy this mod, any comment is welcome :)
Btw, when I was almost finished with it, I thought of changing the sky to a more orangish red color (and adjust the road and other textures too of course), but didn't in the end. Do you think it would look better like that? I might do it and release a "version 2" of the mod…

~ Chris


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