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The Neon Game part I Neon Cars

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Olivier Coffi
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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
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Not this conversion is Based on the "4 to 12" Mod from JHG (So you known what to Do!)
You need to have the mod "4 to 12" from JHG before to install my Conversion!..OK? Understood??
in the Future all my cars & tracks will comming at Night based on JHG's "4 to 12" great Mod!
Tracks: Medit
(Calypso Coast) Hamburg Hafen City
(Wine Country) Lima Peru
(Mediterrean Paradise) St.Petersburg

(Coastal Parklands) LOs Angeles
(Nationa lForest) St.Petersburg II
(Scenic Drive) Jurassic Park

(Fall Winds) Tron legacy
(Alpine Trail) Alaska II
(Autumn Crossing) DarkSide of the Moon

(Island Outskirts) Jurassic Park II
(Palm City Island) Arkahm City
(Tropical Sunset) Disaster II

4 to 12 News Tracks!at the Night!

Game Play: Championschip
In the Championship the Traffic is on the road & You Start with the Bugatti….
But in this Championship you have to be also a Cop in 16 Races!!!!

[event0] the Bugatti in Hamburg
[event1] the Murcie in St.Petersburg II
[event2] K.O Race in Hamburg
[event3] Race Multinational in Los Angeles
[event4] Championship Tournament I
[event5] BMW M5 Time Trial in St.Petersburg National Forest
[event6] "Be a Cop!" Hamburger Polizei
[event7] "Be a Cop!" in Los Angeles
[event8] "Be a Cop!" St. Petersburg Police
[event9] "Be a Cop!" Policia Nacional Lima Peru
[event10] K.O Race in Alaska
[event11] O((ee's Big Challenge
[event12] "Be a Cop!" Alaska II
[event13] K.O Race in Hamburg II
[event14] "Be a Cop!" Cops from Hell!! Jurassic Park II
[event15] Duel Corvette & Ford Crown-victoria Arkahm City
[event16] "Be a Cop!" Arkahm City
[event17] "Be a Cop!" Tron legacy
[event18] Point to Point Race Disaster II
[event19] "Be a Cop!" in Hamburg
[event20] K.O Race in Lima Peru
[event21] "Be a Cop!" Policia Nacional II Lima Peru
[event22] The Harley-Davidson Race DarkSide of the Moon
[event23] "Be a Cop!" Stop the Ferrari in Los Angeles
[event24] Point to Point Race Jurassic Park II
[event25] Point to Point Race St.Petersburg
[event26] "Be a Cop!" Hamburger Polizei II
[event27] "Viva Ferrari" The Barchetta
[event28] "Be a Cop!" Stop the Harley!!
[event29] K.O Race "The Diablo Race"in Los Angeles
[event30] "Be a Cop!" again in Alaska II
[event31] "Be a Cop!" St.Petersburg Police
[event32] "Be a Cop!" Stop the Mclaren!!


You Start in St.Petersburg with the Porsche 991 Turbo
All missions have been also changed.News Directions. A lot of Fun!!

[event0] The Porsche 991 Turbo in St.Petersburg
[event1] Race in Lima Peru
[event2] K.O Race in Hamburg
[event3] K.O Race in Los Angeles
[event4] Championship Tournament O((ee's Sprints
[event5] K.O Race in Lima Peru
[event6] Race in Arkahm City
[event7] "Be a Cop!" Hamburger Polizei
[event8] K.O Race in Hamburg The Towtruck
[event9] K.O Race in St.Petersburg
[event10] K.O Race "Need for my Truck!"
[event11] Championship Tournament I
[event12] The Bulldozer!
[event13] K.O Race in Hamburg II
[event14] "Be a Cop!" Policia Nacional Lima Peru
[event15] Duel Corvette & Ford Crown-victoria Arkahm City
[event16] "Need for More?"Championship Tournament II
[event17] "Viva Ferrari"The Modenas
[event18] Cabrio Race Murcie & Bugatti
[event19] The revenge.Dodge,chevi,cobrar
[event20] K.O Race in Hamburg III
[event21] Tournament Bugatti & Mclaren
[event22] The Harley-Davidson in St.Petersburg
[event23] "Be a Cop!" Cops from Hell!!Disaster II
[event24] The Jurassic Sprint.
[event25] Duel Murcie & Porsche
[event26] K.O Race "The CLK-GTR" in Los Angeles
[event27] "Viva Ferrari" The Barchetta
[event28] The SuperCars Race!
[event29] K.O Race The Harley-Davidson in Hamburg
[event30] "Be the Harley-Davidson Cop!" Stop the mad Truck!
[event31] The German Duel O((ee's Sprints II
[event32] The Maclaren in St.Petersburg



You are driving the originals Cars from the Game.Except the BMW M3,The Harley Davidson(From 3dgerenator)
The Bulldozer is from kheiro,and the Bugatti (From Erick-F50 and Me)
I have made a Limousine based on the Crown Victoria the UPS Truck and The Towtruck based on the Elise.
I convert them for the night.
I create the lights cones for the cars.
Sources & Autors:Dodge Monaco,News-Van,Metro-Bus Arkahm City,Ambulance,Long-nose Truck,Semi-Truck,Fire-Pickup,Fuel-Truck,Flat-Nose Truck.
Sources:The Free 3d Models
Editors:Wings3d 1.4.1 (obj to 3ds),3DMaxStudio,Zmodeler,VivEdit,Fshtool,Easy2Convert DDS to BMP & Photo Shop CS.
CARS: Lotus Elise (Cabrio)
Speedster (Ford Crown Victoria Limousine)
Vauxhall (UPS Truck)
Ford Ts50 (Ford Crown Victoria Tuned)
Mercedes Clamg (tuned)
XKR (Bulldozer)
BMW Z8 (tuned)
HSV (Towtruck with Elise)
Cobra R (Cabrio)
Corvette (Cabrio)
Viper (Cabrio)
Ferrari 360 Spider (Cabrio)
Porsche 911 Turbo (Tuned)
Vanquish (Long-Nose Truck)
Barchetta (Tuned)
Diablo (Harley-Davidson)
Carrera GT (Tuned)
Murcielago (Cabrio)
Ferrari F50 (Cabrio)
Mercedes CLK-GTR (Cabrio)
Mclaren F1 (Bugatti Cabrio)
Mclaren F1lm (Cabrio)

CopS: Ford crown victoria (Lima)
Ts50 (Ford crown victoria Highway Patrol)
Porsche 991 Turbo (St.Petersburg Police)
Cobra R
Viper GTS
BMW M5 (German Police BMW M3)
Diablo (Harley-Davidson)
Mclaren F1 (Bugatti)

Traffic: tsedan 1 (Ford Crown Victoria Limousine)
tsedan 2 (Dodge Monaco Blues Brothers)
thatch 1 (News-Van)
thatch 2 (UPS Truck)
tbus (Metro-Bus Arkahm City)
tcoupe (Bulldozer)
tdevtrk (Ambulance)
tpanvan (Towtruck)
tminivan (Long-nose Truck)
ttaxi 1 (Dodge Monaco)
ttaxi 2 (Semi-Truck)
tpicktrk (Fire-Pickup)
tsuv (Fuel-Truck)
troadstr (Flat-Nose Truck)


Thank EA 4 The Game!!…Cause..It's Only A Game!
Life Always found a Way!
Special Thanks
Erick_f50,JHG,BadHairDay,Kent Traffic Cop ,SLZ Roadstar,bugattilover,
El Barto Simpson,CVP119,UCN Conversions,Dark Ritual,Edean20,Lp Force,
Racing Freak,Tunercarslover,NFS Police Force,Rockroller & the NFS community


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