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Jan. 2, 2004, 6:47 a.m.

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Holden HSV Coupe GTS Sonic Boom V2.1

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Shining Holden
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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
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Hi All,
This Is A New Version (Version 2.1) Of My Holden HSV Coupe GTS Sonic Boom.
Lets See WhatÂ’s New.
New Cop Skin (Instead of German Cop Lights They Are Now American)
New Skins (There Are Now Red Flamed, Orange Normal, Yellow Flamed, Green Flamed, Light Blue Normal, Light Blue Normal, Silver Flamed, And Now By Fire And Ice A Black Special Flame Skin)
Fixed .inis
Car Has Become ALMOST Undamageable (I Edited The gemodata.ini So That All The Parts Damage Zones are 0, I Also Edited The vehicle.ini SO That the Hood Bounce And Trunk Bounce Is Also 0, And Best Of All The damage.fsh In the car.viv Was Edited SO That The Damage Will Not Show
New Extra Files (Now You Can Make The Cop Pursuits In Be The Cop Mode 55 Seconds Long
So You Can Get The Suspect In 1 Pursuit Or You Can Make The Pursuits When You Have
Police On In A Single Race 1 Second So You Get More NFS Points Also I Inserted A Game
Save With The Following:
All Cars
All Cop Cars
All Tracks
All Hot Pursuit Events Beaten On Gold
All Championship Events Beaten On Gold
1000000000 NFS Points
999 Single Races, Tournaments, Lap Knockouts Won Out Of 999 On Beginner, Intermediate, And Advanced
999 Getaways From the Cops
0 Times Arrested Or Busted
999 Tickets Issued To Suspects In Be The Cop Mode
33 Hot Pursuit Races
33 Championship Races
And The Drivers Name Being Brandon)
Spell Checked And Revised Readme
I Hope You All Enjoy This Car
Race Ya!!!!!


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