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Dec. 29, 2005, 9:10 p.m.

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Honda Civic

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
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Completed another one just in time for 2006. Along with the Evolution VIII, I am uploading this 2 days in advance so it should be on the site by the 1st. Firstly as always, the thanks yous. For parts:

EA–Martin Leps–Fivespeed

Huge thanks to arushan and UCN Conversions for posting on my Help needed in HP2 thread. Thanks a million guys, it was because of you i was able to learn HP2 editing so quickly. Also i want to thank J Design for his support and advice on HP2. Not only that J Design may be doing a version 2 of this car which will include damage and realistic performance, so be sure to check that out too.

Also respect to my good friend KARL GEORGE KELLER for his support and for finding flaws that i was unable to see. Cheers George, you always were a great perfectionist. Here is hoping this car will be motivation enough to get you to do your own for the NFS series.

Lastly i would like to thank all the guys who posted at my thread for their advice and support. Now down to business.


-Highly Detailed Model
-21 307 Polys (Minimum 64+ MB GFX card required if you want to play a full grid of these)
-Extensive Sound System :P
-TS50 Preformance
-No Damage :(
-No cop skin
-Pearlescent Paints
-3d engine, rims, brakes and disks, shocks, hood, and boot
-Optional Part(hood)
-Accurate showroom badging included
-Custom Nfs Number Plate
-Mirror Model Support
-Driver on proper side in mirrored model

My first HP2 conversion, so be generous with the comments people. Converted from my NFS 4 version with a lot more detail. NFS 4 version was about 11000 polys and this one is about 21000, so you can image the amount of detail added. No damage as I have not understood that fully, and I was strapped for time. Hopefully J Design will be doing a version 2 of this car which will include damage. With the car I have included appropriate showroom badging, see readme for installation instructions. Other than that it has pearlescent paint jobs which i must say look quite good, especially the HP skin(screenshot). As far as I know this car is bug free, it does not hover above the ground, and has full mirror track support including the driver. ThatÂ’s it I think. Enjoy the car and

A very Happy New Year and the best of luck for 2006 to all.


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