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Better Single Challenge v 2.5

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
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Though it's not visible in game menus, cars in NFSHP2 are divided into 5 classes. When playing the Single Challenge mode and selecting the Full Grid option, the game picks AI cars from the class of the car you drive.

This simple mod allows the player to select the class of the opponents in the Single Challnenge mode - just like in NFS3HP and NFSHS. You want to race a Lotus Elise against bunch of McLarens? No problem :P

Version 2.5 includes:
- update 2.0 by dusty128, which allows you to choose traffic density
- selection of opponent's class in 1 vs 1 races. Besides choosing a specific car (like in the unmodded game), you can now race against a random opponent from your car's class, a random car from a specific class or the same car as yours.

Car classes:

Class 1
McLaren F1, McLaren F1 LM, Mercedes CLK-GTR, Ferrari F50

Class 2
Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, Ferrari 550 Barchetta, Lamborghini Diablo 6.0, Lamborghini Murciélago, Porsche Carrera GT

Class 3
Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Dodge Viper GTS, Ferrari 360 Spider, Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R, HSV Coupé GTS, Porsche 911 Turbo

Class 4
BMW M5, BMW Z8, Ford TS50, Jaguar XKR, Mercedes CL55 AMG

Class 5
Lotus Elise, Opel Speedster, Vauxhall VX220

Copy the lists.ini file to /FrontEnd/Gui and overwrite the existing file. Don't forget to make a backup first! Don't blame me if you damage your game :P


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