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Lost Canyons City

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
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This track is Lost Canyons City, this is a modified version of Empire City; this is the city side of Lost Canyons track. There are two version of this track, noon time and sunset. To install them simply put "trk008" folder that you find in the downloaded Zip file, choosing from Noon Time Version or Sunet Version, into "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Nfs3\Nfs3\Gamedata\Tracks" and replace the existing ones. You are allowed to create a project using as a base my track or convert it to another version of Need for Speed but please contact me first on my e-mail "" and give me credits. If you want to upload this track on an other website you can do it but Readme file must be included. Visit my Youtube channel "Opus IV Gamer" ( to see a lot of videos that I made on Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit and don't forget to subscribe to it for new coming videos.
Here two videos taken from my YouTube channel of two tournament competitions made entirely on this track (in the first Noon Time Version, in the second Sunset Version) featuring a Ferrari 550 Maranello Barchetta and a Ferrari F355 F1 Challenge.


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