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Fantasy Vatio Volt SuperSport (Updated!)

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
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Basic info:
Serial Number: 51200
Name: Vatio Volt SS
Class: A
High details poly count: 990
Medium details poly count: 586
Low details poly count: 194

About this car:
I created this car some time ago, to mod it into GTA4 or something, but never got around it because life happened. So, I just re-meshed the whole thing, and decided to get back into the modding scene with this (I'm not particularly famous).
For those interested, I envisioned this car as a Quad-turbo 8.0L W16 powerplant mated to a RWD DCT, so maybe a mix between a Bugatti Veyron and a Pagani Zonda. I made the entire mesh from scratch. The High poly version has about 245,000 triangles (most of them used in interior and engine details)
As for this mod, I've tried to limit myself to no more than 1000 polys for the complete high detail car. The NFS3 High Poly Patch shouldn't be required, but It's still recommended anyways.

[li]Unzip the "Gamedata" and "FEDATA" folders into the NFS3 root directory.[/li]
(Optional) Compare image
Most FSH editors (NFS Wizard, FSHTOOL, BMP2FSH) can only replace images, and noy only that, but the images are required to be exactly the same size as the original. I know that as of right now, there's not a FSH editor with add/remove capabilities, but that might change in time (I'm actually creating a FSH editor). In the meantime, if you have the technical know-how, and an Hex-editor (like HxD), you might try to add the compare image that way. Also, keep in mind to create a Backup of any file that you modify.

If you have access to a fully fledged FSH editor:
[li]Open "NFS3 directory\FEDATA\art\COMPARE.FSH"[/li]
[li]Add a new image with ID "volt" and size 249x165[/li]
[li]Import "VoltCompare.tga"[/li]
[li]Set the image offset to x: 370 y: 105[/li]
[li]Save all changes[/li]
If you want to replace a compare image using an hex-editor:

[li]Open "NFS3 directory\FEDATA\art\COMPARE.FSH" with any FSH editor.[/li]
[li]Replace whatever car you don't care for with "VoltCompare.tga" (take note of the 4 character ID)[/li]
[li]Open "NFS3 directory\FEDATA\art\COMPARE.FSH" using your Hex-editor[/li]
[li]Find and replace the Id of the car you replaced with "volt"[/li]
[li]Save all changes[/li]
[li]If you want to add a new image using an hex-editor:[/li]
[li]Open "NFS3 directory\FEDATA\art\COMPARE.FSH" using your Hex-editor[/li]
[li]Go to the end of the file.[/li]
[li]Take note of the offset at the end of the file as an [font=Courier New]int32[/font] value (4 bytes). We will need it later.[/li]
[li]Insert the following bytes: [font=Courier New]7D 00 00 00 F9 00 A5 00 00 00 00 00 72 01 69 00[/font] followed by 164340 zeroes.[/li]
[li]Go to offset 0x04.[/li]
[li]Add 164364 to whatever 32-bit value is there.[/li]
[li]Go to offset 0x08.[/li]
[li]Add 1 to whatever 32-bit value is there.[/li]
[li]Go to offset 0x120.[/li]
[li]Insert the following bytes: [font=Courier New]76 6F 6C 74[/font] followed by the four-byte offset we copied earlier.[/li]
[li]Go to offset 0x14[/li]
[li]This part is a little complex. You will need to add 8 to whatever 32-bit value is there, and move 8 bytes ahead and do the same until you reach offset 0x120.[/li]
[li]Save the file[/li]
[li]Use any FSH editor to replace "VOLT" with "VoltCompare.tga"[/li]
[li]Set the image offset to x: 370 y: 105[/li]
[li]Save all changes[/li]

[li]If you use projected lights, the beams will glitch out a bit. This is a limitation of NFS3.[/li]
[li]Showcase FEDATA is a little buggy. You will see black smudges around the edge of the buttons.[/li]


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