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Fantasy Vatio Volt SuperSport (BETA)

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
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V1.1: Now with FeData!
After probably almost 17 years of being inactive, I decided to give NFS3 a little spin for good time sake. I remembered how fun it was to create content for it, and so, I decided to upload this.
About this car:
I created this car some time ago, to mod it into GTA4 or something, but never got around it because life happened. So, I just re-meshed the whole thing, and decided to get back into the modding scene with this (I'm not particularly famous).
For those interested, I envisioned this car as a Quad-turbo 8.0L W16 powerplant mated to a RWD DCT, so maybe a mix between a Bugatti Veyron and a Pagani Zonda. I made the entire mesh from scratch. The High poly version has about 245,000 triangles (most of them used in interior and engine details)
As for this mod, I've tried to limit myself to no more than 1000 polys for the complete high detail car. The NFS3 High Poly Patch shouldn't be required, but It's still recommended anyways.
- Unzip all the contents into the NFS3 root directory.

As this car is in BETA, it has a few issues and nuances that I want to fix.
- The car texture seems to be low-res (CAR00.TGA is 512x512, so idk what is happening)
- Culling in wheels (fairly common in NFS3 transparent wheels, I was hoping to find a good fix that didn't involve adding more polys)
- This car uses the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR as base, tuned up for some additional speed. I need to replace some more meshes in the CAR.FCE fileand other stuff inside the VIV.
- I want to include some FEDATA for this car. I haven't added it yet.
- AI seems to drive it a little erratically and/or slow, yet still faster than regular NFS3 cars. I need to fix that.


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