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June 1, 2007, 11:11 a.m.

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Aquarius Rising III: OMG Aquatica

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

DJ Screech 09 and Nytro
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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
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I recently downloaded Nytro's OMG Aquatica and compared it with my own Aquarius Rising. OMG had a very different track shape, but the textures were the same, whereas AR2 had changed textures, but a little changed shape. I did what came naturaly: combined the two, so now, I've created generation two of OMG Aquatica and generation 3 of Aquarius Rising.
Track Stats:

Textures: New
Shape: New
Loading Slide: EA Aquatica Default
Course Difficulty: 7.5
Fun to Drive: 8.5
Air Time: 6.5

I've also included a car with the track. Nytro placed a Placeholder mod in with OMG Aquatica and I built on that. Since the performance was as infinite as infinate can be, yet the shape was a boring two-door sedan, I gave it a sportier look; fatter rear tyres, lower groung clearance, a lip-spoiler thing on the back. I will also be uploading that seperately, so look for the OMG LDC by Saila soon!
Car stats:

Top Speed: **********
Steering: ******
Handling: ******
Acceleration: **********
Braking: ********
Grip: *********
Dash: None
3D: None
Damage: N/A

Credits go mostly to Nytro for making the original car and track.


-DJ Screech 09


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