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Improved Pursuit

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Improved Pursuit NFSMW Mod by Broski170 (ME)
For the best experience, I recommend playing this my Racing Heat and Realistic Fines mods.

After a while, NFSMW becomes a very easy game. You begin to predict what the cops are going to do and you just never get caught. Things don't even get somewhat intense until heat level 4. No more! This mod makes the cops much more difficult but also balanced. Pursuits are intense from the first heat level, roadblocks are frequent, 20% chance of spikes on all heat levels, 90% chance of spikes on levels 4-7, some rhinos on early heat levels, 100 intial cops, 100 backup cops, increased heat 1 cooldown, increased vehicle weight on heat 1 and 2 cops, heat 3 and 4 cops have same weight, cop speeds gradually increase in heat levels, and the final biggest improvement of all, their skill levels (their basic intelligence and use of tactics)
are maxed out on all heat levels. Heat 1 cops will try to box you, can pin you when you crash into a wall, and the same applies to all heat levels.

To install, just extract to your game directory. Make sure you have modloader installed.

Special thanks to BodyKiT and MiHan for their mods, which i was taking a look at to see how to make pursuit mods.


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