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June 28, 2014, 10:37 p.m.

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New Custom HUD Interface + New Speedometer

Need For Speed Most Wanted

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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2005
New Custom HUD Interface + New Speedometer
by TerraSphere_385

This will remove the Cop Heat Meter, Speed Breaker Meter, Nitro Meter and it's icons (except for the heat level indicator), along with the Pursuit Breaker, Roadblock, and Hiding Spots on the minimap to increase the dificulty of evasion. Plus, modernizing the Hud Interface…

Installation: Make sure you have a backup.
Open the files on the GLOBAL folder with NFS-TexEd, and import the textures.

Advanced for newcomers:
Each number on the .dds file corresponds to each file in an "NFS Archive".
for example: x-y-DXTn….
x = Archive I.D. no.
y = Texture I.D. no.
DXTn = .DDS File Type

Final Remarks:
Finally, thank you for downloading, I wouldn't be more motivated to mod the NFS Series if it weren't for you. Please use this for good use, I don't make mods for evil intents. Respect my work, don't steal it. You are allowed to edit my mod but only for personal use. If you want to post this to another website, please ask for my permission and give me the link, and add a link to here. I'll accept your Comments, Suggestions, Opinions, and Advices, but please no personal requests. I make mods for everyone to use, not for only one person, and it's hard to make textures from scratch so please have patience. Thank you… :-)

Tools used:
MS Word
MS Paint

Corvettez06 - for his Real Racing 3 conversions.
Criterion, Ghost Games, Turn 10, Atari, and the Creators of Gran Turismo - For inspiration…
You - for downloading the mod



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