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April 26, 2015, 4:27 p.m.

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(FOR MODDERS/CONVERTERS) Drag bodykit from NFSW's Reventon

Need For Speed Most Wanted

BMW MRacer Fan
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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Hi, this is BMW MRacer Fan, and this is Ti-Sonic's request.
I decided to put it here for everyone in case any other modders/converters are interested.

Here's the bodykit you wanted Ti-Sonic, prepared for ZModeler 2, cleaned from unwanted meshes and with some smoothing applied (as it came with polygonal look). In addition, I added some paintjobs as a bonus ("Fortune" Version and hidden "Megablocks" version) with their unique licenseplates as well (I added png files in case you have problems with opening dds files).

As I said, I don't have the time now for modding (Studying, life…), so here are some things I didnt do:
-UV Mapping
-Renaming materials and merge some meshes (for converting it to NFSMW for example).

In addition, the car just ripped was way too big, so I had to reduce the scale to fix the size (about 65% of the original mesh). Now it's kinda fixed, but I suggest you to check it by yourself (or yourselves).

For everyone, just open "dragreventon.z3d" with any version of ZModeler 2 and it should load fine.

Have fun working with it!


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