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Police levels in races

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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If you have ExOpts Team's Extra Options mod, you can have the police showing up in quick race mode.
The game is set to make the police level go up very very slowly during races (you only see level 1 cops in quick race mode), so what my mod does is it makes those police levels go up way faster during races. This means that after the cops see you or your rivals in a race, the police level will go up fast and undercover and state police cars will soon show up.
I didn't enable it for the federal pursuit cars but I left the code in the file so you can easily enable it. I didn't because it caused my game to crash quite often upon reaching level 5. This mod is a bit unstable on level 4 too so let me know if it crashes for you. Also it might cause the "invisible cars" glitch if you have modded many of your police cars.
This is still a work in progress! I'm still figuring out stuff. In races, the police still don't create roadblocks and the helicopter doesn't show up but I hope to enable these features and make a new version that makes the game play more like Hot Pursuit 2.

Edit: New version added. In v2 the levels last longer progressively (level 1 is short, level 2 is longer, level 3 is even longer) but they are still relatively short, good for 2 lap races where you'll probably get to level 3.


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