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NFS: Most Wanted Black Edition V1.3 Ultimate Starter Package (Special Save File + Other mod utilities) (Status - Special Save File currently being updated and will be uploaded soon)

Need For Speed Most Wanted

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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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For all NFS fans and players alike, I present to you yet again another special save game for Need For Speed: Most Wanted. You guys might want to grab this awesome save file (and other utilities with it) I worked and collected up on. The contents of this save file and other resources aren't entirely my effort alone though. I downloaded the save file and other mod resources from:
* SlashurGameChannel's save file (
*  alefe45's Cross's Corvette Vinyl + Webster's Vinyl all in one (
* BossN00b who posted a file with all Blacklist Vinyls in it (including Razor's) in GameBanana (
*gnagna2000 & Muhammad Umar for the NFS - MW Black Edition V1.3 Trainer ( and finally
*MehmetSaitTR for the save editor in GameBanana (


****************************************NOTE (PLEASE READ)***************************************
 I'LL UPDATE THE "Blade" save file soon and re-upload it in order to fix some lackings I found in the design in the Blacklist racers' cars in order to match the exact design from the game itself. You guys might have to patiently wait for a while for the update due to me fulfilling my obligations as a Psychology student. I hope you guys can understand. Anyhow,stay tuned people! :)

- Profile name: Blade

- Cash: 22,509,050

- Bounty: 3 (yep, just 3).

- 0% Career progress (but skipped the prologue/intro. Other than that, everything else remains untouched.)

- All Blacklist cars available right from the very start (all fully upgraded in performance and ready to use, both in Ultimate and JUNKMAN. Yes, they're all maxed out to Junkman level.)

- BMW GTR (Max Junkman Upgraded, the stats may not look like it but once you compare its speed,acceleration and handling to that of a fully max Junkman upgraded car, it's exactly the same) , Razor's Mustang GT (Max Junkman Upgraded), Mia's Mazda RX-8 (Max Junkman Upgraded) , Ronnie's Toyota Supra (Prologue) (Max Junkman Upgraded), Rog's Pontiac GTO & Mustang GT (Max Junkman Upgraded) and Nathan Cross's Chevrolet Corvette (Max Junkman Upgraded)  ALL AVAILABLE IN GARAGE from the very start.

- 2 Additional cars: Ford GT (Castrol) (Max Junkman Upgraded) & Porsche Carrera GT (Max Junkman Upgraded) also available in garage from the very start.

- NFS: MW Black Edition V1.3 Trainer included

- NFS: MW Save Editor Tool included (in case you wish to change your profile name, set how much cash and bounty you want in your profile.)

- For ALL the Blacklist cars except the ff:
*** Vic's Toyota Supra in which users should add a DECAL in the FRONT Windshield with the word "BRIDE" colored white
***Jewels's Mustang GT where users should also add a DECAL in FRONT Windshield with a colored white "Cold Fusion" and another DECAL in the REAR Windshield with a colored white "Stillen"
***Wes Allen (Webster)'s Corvette where users should add a DECAL in REAR Windshield with a colored white "Venom"
…their design is untouched and is a complete and exact replica of the Blacklist racers' cars. Same is true with the BMW GTR (except for the Window Tint. I changed it to Dark Pearl Black since it looks so much better with it), Mia's Mazda RX-8, Ronnie's Toyota Supra, Rog's Pontiac GTO & Mustang GT and Cross's Chevrolet Corvette. Everything is in its original design by the game itself.

- For Ho Seun (Sonny)'s Golf GTI, Taz's Lexus IS 300,the Player's BMW GTR, Mia's Mazda RX-8, Ronnie's Toyota Supra,all Rog's cars and the Porsche Carrera GT all have their speedometers set to Slipstream. Cross's Chevrolet Corvette is Glint (I think).

- Since the cars in the garage of the save file are all Max Junkman Upgraded, expect that your opponents in races will also have cars fully upgraded as well (Ultimate only though I think. I don't think your opponents are also Junkman Max Upgraded).Same goes with the Blacklist racers' cars. Drive carefully and effectively if you wish to beat these guys. It amps up the difficulty of the game (well, at least in the aspect of your opponents who have cars that are fully upgraded in races), which is a good thing (trust me, it is. Unless of course, you activate the cheat "Always Win", which I highly discourage anyone using it mind you.)

1. Assuming you already have a program/s installed exclusively for unzipping files (like 7Zip and WinRAR), then go ahead and unzip the Blade SAVE FILE.

2. Right-click and copy the folder "Blade" to Documents/NFS Most Wanted.

3. Next, unzip the MUSTANGGT file. Copy the folder to the CARS folder in your game directory. There should be an overwrite pop-up. Say yes/confirm the replacement.

4. Last, unzip the "Cross's + Webster's Vinyls" file. Unzip the RAR file to get a VINYLS.BIN file. Copy the VINYLS.BIN file to the CORVETTE (not CORVETTEC6R folder. Just CORVETTE folder. Pls. strictly follow this.) folder inside the CARS folder in your game directory. There should be an overwrite pop-up. Say yes/confirm the replacement.

5. Done! Enjoy! :D

–––>Trainer Instructions<–––
 - Uncheck the SpeedBoost and Heavy Car cheat. ALWAYS DO THIS BEFORE RUNNING THE GAME.
- ALWAYS run the trainer first before running the game itself. Otherwise, trainer cheats won't take effect in gameplay.
- Activate cheats ONLY WHEN you're already in gameplay (more specifically, when you can already drive around Rockport City).
- The best way to activate cheats is by (1) Pausing the game, (2) Pressing Left Alt + Tab to minimize the game, (3) Click on the small checkboxes of the trainer to activate the cheat you desire and then go back to the game. Don't use the keyboard keys since you might type an unnecessary command or something.
- If you want to unlock Junkman parts/add more Junkman markers, simply replace all the 0s (zeroes) in the part where it says in the bottom of the trainer "Bonus Markers 63 Max". Afterwards, click on set. You can only put a maximum of 4 in each. If you want to refill your markers to 4 again, simply Alt+Tab the game and click on "Set" again. Repeat until desired. Do all this only when you're OUTSIDE the car customization shop so that the markers will take effect once you go inside back to the car customization shop.
- Don't activate the Unlock Cars & Upgrades cheat of the trainer while choosing a car in your garage since it will crash the game. Deactivate it first and only then can you select a different car in your garage.

–––>Save Editor Instructions<–––
- Simply open it and make the changes you want. Make sure you look at the thing that says "Profile checksum is valid/invalid." If its invalid, click Fix. That's it.


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