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Racers get totaled / Burnout style takedowns

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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This mod makes it so that racer cars (including yours) can get wrecked like police cars do. Crashing into cars at a certain speed will make them lift from the ground and roll in the air, and most high speed crashes make the cars get totaled.

-When you get totaled and start the race again, the camera may get messed up. You can solve this by pressing the change camera key and selecting your desired camera view again. If you are using the Extra Options mod, just enable the debug camera and double tap backspace to restore the camera when this happens.
-This isn't really a "bug" but not all high speed crashes result in the cars getting totaled, and some not so fast crashes against walls can get you totaled. Just drive carefully when you are near a wall :P
-It seems that crashing into traffic cars doesn't slow you down much now. However, crashing into a truck will most likely get the racing car wrecked. //Sort of fixed in v1.4
-If you get totaled in a Challenge Series event and restart, the cops may not be able to see your car and they just drive away. You can solve this by going back to the menu and then starting the event again.

Note that of course this mod doesn't change the visual damage of cars, it simply makes the crashes more extreme and makes it so that cars sometimes get totaled (like they do when they crash in a drag race). Heavier cars are better at ramming other cars off the road.

This mod wouldn't have been possible without the Destroyable AI Car mod by GXP-10 since I took that one as a reference, and I wouldn't even know this was possible if it weren't for that mod.

This mod is compatible with Mod Loader, I haven't tested installing it with NFS-VltEd.

v1.0 - First release.
v1.2 - Fixed missing damage scratches.
v1.3 - Made it so that you have to hit cars harder to wreck them (so there are less unexpected wrecks from mild crashes).
v1.3.2 - Trying to make cop cars and traffic stronger. Needs more testing.
v1.4 - Edited cop cars' resistance so they can take more visible damage from crashes. Still, SUVs hitting you head-on are deadly.
v1.5 - More balanced between cops and racers.


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