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[HRTC] High Resolution Textures for Cars (Updated May 28)

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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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*[HRTC] High Resolution Textures for Cars*


High Resolution Textures for Cars or HRTC is a mod, that enhances the textures of the existing cars.

HRTC is not only a texture mod, but also a base for other mods, because the resolution of all car related textures (except vinyls*²) is doubled.

Therefore other modders don't need to recompile every TEXTURES.BIN itself, they can just start creating higher resolution textures instantly.

With the next updates this mod will also include the TEXTURES.BIN's of the police & traffic cars. For both I will increase the resolution too. Done!

As shown in the pictures, I have already replaced a lot of textures with new higher quality textures, but it's still a base for more.

Note: There are already more new textures in this pack as shown in the pictures! I will upload more screenshots soon.

*²we don't have a tool to recompile the VINYLS.BIN yet.

I tested a lot of scenarios for several hours and it seems like that everything is stable & free of bugs, but you never know, so please report any bugs. 

The engine can handle higher resolution textures quite good, 

but NOTE: I haven't tested any performance related stuff yet,

the mod could & will most likely decrease the performance on weaker systems!

If you can barely run the game, i don't recommend this mod for you.

 Or at least install only the textures for your favorite cars.

I will look into increasing the performance later.


-New stock tire textures for all race cars

-New badging textures for many cars (only main logo yet) 

-New brake light textures for many cars

-New headlight textures for some cars

-New textures for some traffic & police cars

-Working "brake light on" texture for all cars

-Several fixes & improvements for the existing textures.

The rest of the textures are just upscaled yet, but I will try to replace nearly every texture with a high quality one soon. 

If you want to know which textures have been replaced in detail, please see the Carlist.txt, which is included in the download.

I would love to see your feedback & suggestions in the comments!

If you want to see all my mods for MW, please click here or alternative here.


Older changelogs can be found in the Changelog.txt, which is included in the download.

May 23

-Added/finished base for traffic cars

-Added new textures for container trailer

-Improved textures for log trailer

-Removed enhanced TEXTURES.BIN for cop helicopter*

May 27

-Added new textures for cement trailer, crate trailer & fire truck

-Added new headlight textures for Gallardo, Monaro & GTO + Cop GTO's

-Improved brake light texture for Gallardo

-Improved headlight texture for Cobalt SS

May 28

-Added Changelog.txt & Carlist.txt

-Added new stock tire textures for Cop GTOs, Cop Corvettes & Cop SUV

-Added new badging textures for Eclipse GT, Lancer Evo, Gallardo, Murcielago & GTO + Cop GTOs

-Improved brake light texture for RX8 & RX8 Speed T

*to improve the performance while in chase, so if you have problems in chases, make sure to replace modified COPHELI with your backup. 

Known Problems

-Some textures are still work in progress, so you could face textures that are not 100% correct or maybe to dark/bright etc.

-There are some small graphical issues with a few stock rims, but they are just barely noticeable.

I will fix it soon.


I recommend you to use the mod HD Textures & NFS MW Rims Pack to achieve the best look for your cars.


Just copy the CARS folder to your NFS MW root folder.

Backup your files, so you can get back to the original textures in case you don't like the look of one or more cars.


-Do NOT share my mods on other sites without changing something on it!

-Do NOT share the complete TEXTURES.BIN in your mod, the DDS files are enough!

-If you use my mod as a base for your mods, I would be happy about credits.


-nfsu360 for the "Mod Tools"

-Black Box & EA for the game "Need for Speed"


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