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Carbon: "Own The City" Soundtrack

Need For Speed Most Wanted

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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Greetings my fellow weebs! I have returned from the dead once more..
Just kidding, but I'm back in modding and today, for the first time, I'm here to proudly present to you my very first soundtrack mod for Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005.
As the title suggests, I made use of BadHairDay's Music Replacer for MW and thought about making something for one of my favorite racing games of all time. The idea for this came after I played Need For Speed Carbon: Own The City on PPSSPP (great game btw) and noticed how similar Coast City and Rockport are.
Now even you can rock the Blacklist with these awesome tunes and best anyone in racing. I suggest installing AJ_Lethal's Night Mod for the optimum experience for this;


[li]Dynamite MC - Bounce[/li]
[li]Dynamite MC - After Party (Album Version)[/li]
[li]Eagles Of Death Metal - Don’t Speak (I Came to Make A Bang!)[/li]
[li]Ekstrak feat. Know-1 - Hard Drivers[/li]
[li]Every Move A Picture - Signs Of Life[/li]
[li]Gary Numan/Tubeway Army - Are ‘Friends’ Electric[/li]
[li]Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - Scorpio[/li]
[li]Goldfrapp Ride A White Horse (Serge Santiago Remix)-[/li]
[li]Kyuss - Hurricane[/li]
[li]Lady Sovereign - Luv Me Or Hate Me[/li]
[li]Ladytron - Sugar (Jagz Kooner Remix)[/li]
[li]Ladytron - Fighting In Built Up Areas[/li]
[li]Melody. - Feel The Rush (Non-Remixed)[/li]
[li]Metro Riots - Thee Small Faces[/li]
[li]Part 2 feat. Fallacy - One Of Dem Days (Remix)[/li]
[li]Pharrell feat. Lauren - Skateboard P Presents: Show You How To Hustle[/li]
[li]Priestess - I Am The Night, Colour Me Black[/li]
[li]Roots Manuva - No Love[/li]
[li]Spank Rock - What It Look Like[/li]
[li]Sway - Hype Boys[/li]
[li]The Bronx - Around The Horn[/li]
[li]The Presets - Steamworks[/li]
[li]The Vacation - I’m No Good[/li]
[li]Tiga - Good As Gold[/li]
[li]Tigarah - Girl Fight (Mr. D Hyphy Mix)[/li]
[li]Tomas Andersson - Washing Up (Tiga Remix)[/li]
[li]Valient Thorr - Heatseeker[/li]
[li]Vitalic - My Friend Dario[/li]
[li]Wolfmother - Joker And The Thief[/li]

[li]Yonderboi - People Always Talk About The Weather (Junkie XL Remix)[/li]


Since NFSCars does not allow direct links to be uploaded, this download here contains a link which will take you to it. Sucks doesn't it lazy people?

After that, there's a Readme included in the download so MAKE SURE you read it otherwise y'all will mess up your game big time.


This mod only replaces the entire EA Trax, so the cop music, intro and bios will not be affected.

The names of all the songs are messed up.. I'm sorry 'bout that. If you guys don't want to, you can always not copy/paste the ADDONS folder OR if anyone knows how to fix this f*ck up of mine, I would really appreciate it :)


Last but not least, DO NOT upload this mod anywhere w/o my permission. I'll hunt your ass!

Secondly, if you have any suggestions for a future OST mod for either Most Wanted of Underground 2, feel free to let me know and I'll take it under consideration. If you don't like my stuff, you're always welcome not to download them. If I respect all of you, I expect the same in return.



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