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Harder Heat 5 Police

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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There have been many mod makers who have made harder police chases for us all to enjoy, so, I decided to try it myself. This mod increases difficulty of Heat 5 police chases greatly, however, I did not want to make them impossible. Please note that the mods seen in the images are only to display the police chases, the car models and graphical changes are not included as they have not been made by me, however, I will link them below if you want to install them yourself.

Here are a list of changes that I remember:
- Extra police car added, instead of having only the federal unit and the helicopter, you will know get the federal unit, helicopter and civic cruiser
- Amount of police increased to 100
- Cop count increased i.e the number of cops giving chase at once
- Cop chance increased to 100 for all police vehicles
- Basically infinite helicopter, time it chases you has been increased and time it takes to refuel has been set to 0.1
- Number of cops to trigger backup increased to 5
- Time between cop spawn set to 0.1
- Max cops collapsing set to 100
- Number of Patrol cars set to 100
- Time Between First Four Spawn changed to 0.1 i.e the time it takes for cops to spawn after a cop chase has started
- Roadblock probably and spike strip probably may have been changed, I cannot remember the original value

Known issues:
Heli count was set to 10. Only 1 spawns at a time
Heli roadblock chance was set to 50, however, a helicopter in a roadblock still appears to be extremely unlikely.
If anyone knows if the issues can be changed, please let me know how, thank you!

Mods you see in the photos I have taken will be linked below. I thank all the authors of these mods for such quality mods


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