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Need For Speed Most Wanted HQ SOUND MOD (44kHz music replacement + DSOAL mod)

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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High quality original soundtrack replacement (from 36Khz to 44kHz)
DSOAL (DirectSound wrapper) with custom config dedicated for NFSMW

1. Copy the files to Need for Speed Most Wanted\SOUND\PFDATA and overwrite
2. Make sure that your Level of Detail is not set to 0 (2 or 4 recommended) and restart the game -
It will force the game to run in higher sound quality instead of 22kHz.
3*. Copy this DSOAL package to Need for Speed Most Wanted folder near exe (optional but recommended for better overall sound quality):
4*. Copy "OpenAL" folder to C:\Users\[name]\appdata\Roaming (%APPDATA%\OpenAL\HRTF)
5*. Set 24 bit 96000Hz or 192000 (if available) in Control Panel>Sound (revert to 44/48 if you use DSOAL in other games to get proper HRTF effect - not only to "tune" the game sound specifically like in this case in a way that it's not only dedicated for headphones.

DSOAL config is focused on engine sounds quality - with game music off, but it will be good with music too.
However, disabling HRTF in config may give better results with music on (alsoft.ini>HRTF=false).

OST replacement info: 
Volume in importer was set to 105 (the music will be slightly louder, but such setting was somehow the best with these files). 
Source files were VladlenCry OST FLAC 44kHz (verified in Spek - slight bump of frequencies above 36kHz to 44kHz).
The files were not taken from artists albums (he even doesn't remember himself what is the real source of the files, but they're better than original ones in the game).



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