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THE ENDGAME COP MOD ( Last Update: on 9th of April 2020 17:25 )

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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The EndGame: ( An improvised cop mod to its full capability, taken by IMPROVED PURSUIT, Most Wanted CHAOS, and customly edited by yours truly )
I took two existing mods, and made them harder in one neat package.
I did some editing on my part aswell, which the mods didn´t include.

I now call it - THE ENDGAME ( Although, the file remains "IMPROVED PURSUIT" )

If you are interested to experience this masterpiece, first you will have to download these files and install them by this order.
( AFTER FINISHING THE GAME, and make sure your game is the Black Edition 1.3 )

Condition Levels 5 to 7:

Condition Levels 5 to 10:

Mod Loader v1.3:

After having these files installed.
Now you download the mod, and add them here:

- You take the 3 files inside THE ENDGAME folder ( IMPROVED PURSUIT, RACING HEAT, REALISTIC FINES ) and you add them inside ADDONS/CARS_REPLACE.
I also upload youtube videos regarding racing games:
With this i take my leave.
Have fun! ^_^

Update: ( 9th of April 2020 17:25 )
Its much harder now.
The cop mod has reached it´s peak performance.
Cross appears while racing through a hot pursuit, spike strips and many, many units after your tail.
Go race and have fun! ^_^



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