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Dodge "Jalopy" Charger (Addon)

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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]"Wake up, Mr. Freeman…wake up and…smell the ashes…"[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]To celebrate Half-Life: Alyx's release, Ed has found himself a Charger chassis and made his own "Jalopy"[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Update v1.1:[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-Added Freeman driver model as an option[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-Removed Herobrine[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Tuning:[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-1 bodykit[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-Rims[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-that's all…[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Features:[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-Original stats[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-Available after outrunning Taz (Blacklist #14)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-NFSMW driver model (+ Gordon Freeman driver model as a second option)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-Costs 5000[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Known issues:[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-nah[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Minor issues:[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-Selecting Spoilers or Roof Scoops will cause them to spawn under your car[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Installation:[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]1. Put the LMBDACHARGER folder in the CARS folder[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-Choose "Forget About Freeman" if you want the NFSMW driver model[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-Choose "Gordon Freeman in the flesh" if you want the Freeman driver model[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]2. No vinyls[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]3. Open NFS-VltEd and import lmbdacharger.nfsms, save and exit[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]4. Copy the Ed folder to where you put Ed[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]5. Open "Ed.exe", click "Main" -> "Open" and search for the game installation folder[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]6. Click "Tools" -> "Unlock Game Files For Modding"[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]7. Click "Apply"[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]8. Make a new save game and enjoy hunting some headcrabs (or just modify your current save game)[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Credits:[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-VALVe for making this iconic muscle car[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-Rauny_noobexX for making the custom Freeman driver model[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-Rigel for helping me addressing some issues with the model[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-nfsu360 for NFS-CarToolkit, NFS-VltEd and NFS-TexEd[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]-nlgzrgn for Ed and the NFSMW Unlimiter[/font]


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