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Various Need for Speed Most Wanted Carnage Mod

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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NFSMW Carnage Mod by Hier/Amalia
- VltEd
- Delete anything related to modloader, this mod (or vlt basically) is not compatible with it. Anything else that doesn't use modloader is compatible.
- Please back up your "Global" folder in NFSMW main directory before using this mod (or any mod, really) just in case if anything goes wrong
- NFSMW Extra Options (included inside the rar)
- Speedyheart's No air stabilizer script (included inside the rar)

How to use:
- Copy the "script" folder into your NFSMW main directory
- Open VltEd
- Go to "File", click "Open", and choose your NFSMW main directory
- Once done, go to "File" again, this time click "Import" then "ModScript"
- Choose this script, click install. Done!

- Racers can get totaled the same way cops do:
 > Racers (including player and AIs) can take three to five medium (80 to 130 mph speed) crashes.
Meanwhile, a head on crash above 150+ mph (especially againts SUVs and trucks) will total racers car instantly.
 > Cops durability has been significantly reduced (a 80 mph speed crash may total them). 
In exchange, their AI intelligence, spawn rate, and aggresiveness have been massively improved.
 > Every cars will be more prone to get send into air and rolls (quite similar to the burnout mod i guess, but not as ridiculously high and less floaty)

- Cops will spawn roadblocks (normal and spikestrips), deploy SUVs and heli support during race. (this is the effect of Extra Options, not the mod)

- Cops are vulnerable to spikestrips

- Both cops and racers AI will attempt to avoid spikestrips as they can, and will crash into roadblock instead
 > They will try to avoid spikestrips, but AI racers are still invulnerable to blown tires effect if they got hit by spikestrip. I'm still trying to figure out how to make them vulnerable..

- All race's cop probablity (except several tutorial races) are set to maximum, expect cops in every single race

- All career races (including toolbooth, except boss races) opponents count have been increased
 > Starting from blacklist 13, career races opponent count will be increased by 2 for every 2 blacklist number
ex: Blacklist 13 and 12 will have 5 opponents, blacklist 11 and 10 will have 7 opponents, blacklist 9 and 8 will have 9 opponents, and so forth until blacklist 5 onwards which will have 15 opponents.

- Knockout races will always have 15 opponents regardless of blacklist number, lap count is also increased to 10 lap race. In exchange, knockout races will give 2000% more cash than other races in corresponding blacklist.
 > ex: Blacklist 15 races give you 1500 cash each, while blacklist 15 knockout race will give 30000 cash instead.

- Opponents in some toolbooth races seems to not move from starting line at all, still trying to fix this
- Some opponents car skin will be invisible because so many cars being loaded at once, Extra Options can fix this but not guaranteed
- Haven't spot any so far, feel free to tell me if you find one

Thanks to:
- Crygreg for his cops in all race and AI avoid spikestrip scipts
- nlgzrgn and ExtraOpts team for making support units spawn possible during races
- Speedyheart for the air stabilizer disabling script
- VltEd for making all of this possible



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