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BMW The Unstoppable 16 Ton M3 GTR

Need For Speed Most Wanted

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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Hello everyone.

   This is an attributes modification for the M3 GTR in Need For Speed Most Wanted.

   The new GTR now weighs 16 tons, has a top speed of 260+ MPH, can reach 190+ in reverse, and RPD is hopeless to stop it. It accelerates like a literal rocket, and any RPD unfortunate enough to be in front of this thing when it takes off will be smashed to the sides like toy cars. Not even heavy Rhinos are strong enough to stand up to this thing. It can rev up to 25,000 RPM and the turbo boost meter circles the tachometer for a full minute before stopping. I can't remember how much boost and torque I put into it, but it's a stupid amount. The car handling is manageable. I had to experiment with the braking, torque, boost, traction, and suspension parameters to come up with something moderately drive-able. That being said, nothing accept Semi-trucks and solid objects will be able to stop you. This car is extremely overpowered in cop chases and once you drive it, you'll want nothing else in pursuits.


The attributes change does not effect the prologue GTR. 

When in the final races, Razor is too scared to drive it and he won't move.

This car accelerates almost instantly and is difficult to steer. The brakes have a hard time slowing this thing down. Be wary of spike strips.

The only things capable of bringing this car to a dead stop are solid objects and Semi-trucks.

The car's steering is precarious. Don't be afraid to use speed-breaker to adjust the car's course.

If the car won't steer in the direction you want to go, reverse slam into a wall and you can bounce the car to change direction.

Losing one side of tires to spike strips won't stop you but will noticeably slow you down.

Despite the absurd torque and power, blowouts to both rear tires or all four via spike strips will render the car unmovable just like any other vehicle. You aren't invincible.

16 tons was as heavy as I could make it without breaking the game's AI and destroying the cars ability to move. Anything heavier caused all NPC cars to become permanently immobile. The extra weight also caused weird suspension behavior. 16 tons allows for tank like behavior without weird suspension jumping.

Head on rhino unit collisions are fatal to Rhino units; not you.



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