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Music Mod: All Rock and Metal, v.1.0

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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I present to you, my fellow gearheads, racing junkies and microtransaction haters, my selection of rock and metal music for Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Most of it is era-friendly, one or two songs might not be. Ah, well.

Tools used:
VLTEd-needed to change the song data that is shown in game
MCO Music Importer-accurately ports MP3 files to ASF files (could do this in Audacity but it's harder than it looks)
NFS MW Music Replacer-Swaps in songs in ASF format over other songs in the game-just gotta remember what you swapped over!
Coffee, cream, sugar and Ovaltine-Yeah; I don't have the kind of money to spend on StarSUCKS daily and if I did I'd save it to buy a new PC instead
Megasync-So I don't have to have the internet browser open to upload to and download from Mega
Notepad++-It's way better than Notepad

List of songs can be found in Songlist.zvtxt, but here's the skivvy:
20 songs replaced with different songs
3 songs replaced with alternate and/or uncensored/uncut versions
3 songs left as is because they're good

Note: All the .zvtxt and .1st files can be opened in any text editor.


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