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More Opponents in Career Races Mod

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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#What this mod does:
- This mod will increase the amount of opponents present in career races. 

More opponents will join races as your Blacklist rank becomes higher. From Blacklist 15 (Sunny), you'll only have 3 opponents, and the number of opponents in regular races (including drag and toolbooth) is increased for every blacklist rank you climb.

The maximum numbers of opponents you can have is 11, which is at Blacklist 6 (Ming) and beyond.

- All knockout races will always have 11 opponents regardless of your Blacklist rank, and have 10 laps instead. To compensate the amount of time needed to finish the race, knockout races will give 20x more rewards than other races.

- Traffic density is increased to 100 for all races.

#How to install:
- Extract all the files from the rar file.
- Download and open vltEd
- Click File > Open
- Select NFSMW directory, please make backups beforehand
- Select File > Import
- Choose the nfsms file from the mod rar you just extracted
- Click install, done!

#This mod is heavily recommended to use with:
- nlgzrgn's NFSMW Extraopts. 

First is to enable "MaxUniqueOpponentCars" and set this option to "15" to make all opponents use different cars. If you don't use this: then most opponents will use similar cars. 

Second is to enable "PursuitActionMode" which will allow the game to spawn roadblocks, SUVs, and choppers during races.

# Known Issues
- In some toolbooth races, the opponents won't move from starting line at all.
- Opponents uses the exact same cars, this can be fixed by using nlgzrgn's ExtraOpts "MaxUniqueOpponentsCars" option and set it to "15".

This mod only works with vltEdit! Credits to nfsu360 for such an amazing tool!



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