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Mercedes Benz MERCEDES-BENZ C63 AMG (C205) 2020

Need For Speed Most Wanted

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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (C205) 2020 for NFSMW2005.

Replaces: SL500.
The texture quality is at the highest level. The model is made exactly like the original.
Download link: a little higher, READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THE MOD FIRST:)
~ spoilers are available in the store, 2 types of numbers in the "Hoods" section (Euro (G-Force, 20 in the list) and USA ("Overdial", 14 in the list)) and air intakes;

~ the textures of both numbers were made separate especially for you, so that it was possible to make a custom number through NFSTexEd. Well, I think it's not necessary to tell how it's done, because everyone knows it and everyone knows how!

~ NFS MW driver;

~ working headlights and exhaust gas emissions;

~ fully designed HD interior;

~ drawing all the details of the car, regardless of the distance.

But there are also disadvantages that will be corrected if possible:

~ the menu of shops and garage does not display the name of the model for some reason, I will try to fix it;

~ lack of vinyls (the most problematic part of the mod).

~ fix bugs found.

I hope someone will like this baby))

Unpack the archive.
Open the root folder with the game and insert the ADDONS folder, replace it if possible, after making backups in your CARS_REPLACE folder.
If you do not have Modloader installed for Nfs MW, then you may encounter problems such as incorrect wheel arrangement, texture shifting, temporary disappearance of the model during the game, etc.
That is, the installation path will be like this, for example:My computer/Local Disk %name%/Games/Need for Speed Most Wanted (bold highlights what is similar for everyone).
You can go into the game and rejoice:)

Contributions to the model have been made:
f10cu- Model and textures; - resourse for finding the model;
Arushan- NFS:MW Mod Tools;
nfsu360- NFS-VltEd, NFS-TexEd;
Oleg Melashenko- ZModeler v1.0.7b, v2.0.8, v2.2.5;
tsapoff_minsk - Car conversion, some improvements.
Heckler- help with transferring details, texturing, various adjustments in the ATTRIBUTES file.MWPS
Alex.Ka - Autumn Hot Pursuit texture mod (to create screenshots, though pictures, as on the site where this modification was posted, I did not receive, but only a white light: ((. )


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