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Ferrari Rossa Pininfarina Concept 2000

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Scuderia Ferrariâ„¢
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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Ferrari Rossa Pininfarina Concept 2000 for NFS:MW

This mod is created for Need For Speed Most Wanted and it replaces Dodge Viper. Car itself is created by Scuderia Ferrariâ„¢ from This mod can be shared via internet as long as Scuderia Ferrariâ„¢ stays as the only author and the files remain untouched.

1. Installation

If you don't have NFS:MW Mod Loader yet go and download it from here:

Copy (Click + CTRL C or Right Click + Copy) the folder ADDONS and go to C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Need For Speed Most Wanted\ and paste it (CTRL + V or Right Click + Paste). If your computer asks that should existing files be overwritten click yes.

2. Features

- fixed bodykit (shows up as the same for all bodykits)
- decals for doors
- numbers for doors
- spoilers
- vinyls
- bodypaint
- window-paint
- correct stats
- driver added
- cost 320 000

3. Known bugs

- brakediscs are too far in in stock rim (exchange to different rims to see that it is more closer really)
- some vinyls appear incorrect in back (I added debug to the Rossa so that you can create your own vinyls)

4. Credits

Scuderia Ferrariâ„¢ - for making the car and allowing me to convert it
Finalmaster2 - converted this car to NFS:MW
Radu Cristian - remapped the car so that vinyls could show up
Rio Grande - beta testing & fixed ATTRIBUTES.MWPS
Xturbo - beta testing
HSVrules - beta testing
Arushan - creted tools to crack NFS:MW
Oleg - created Zmodeler

And everyone else whom I forgot to mention.

5. Bug reports

For possible bug reports you can send me a private message in (Finalmaster2). I don't have public bug report adress yet so this is for now the only way.


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