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Mercedes Benz Tourismo

Need For Speed Most Wanted

SLZ and Radu-Cristian
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Need For Speed Most Wanted
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This bus was originally scratch made by Radu-Cristian. It was unreleased for any games. I(SLZ) has converted it to NFS:Most Wanted with the help of DanielKeller, HSVRulez & filipino_racer.

-Radu-Cristian for the mesh & textures.
-Ark-X Stylizer(SLZ) for fixing the cameras & converting it.
-DanielKeller for fixing the performance & camera lengths.
-filipino_racer for the vinyls.
-HSVRulez for the showroom logo.
Thanks to all of them.

1:>Copy modloader & d3d9.dll to your NFS9:MW directory.
2:>Make a new folder ADDONS in your NFS9:MW directory.
3:>In the ADDONS folder again make a new folder named CARS_REPLACE.
4:>Copy the folder SL65 inside the CARS_REPLACE folder.
5:>Create a shortcut of Speed.exe which is inside your NFS9:MW directory. Right click on the shortcut & click on Properties. Then in the target box add '-mod' at the end without commas.
Then click on Apply & OK.
6:>Then run the game & select Mercedez SL65 AMG. Bus will be visible instead of the car.

-Change roof scoops.
-Change rims - all styles & sizes.
-Change Spoilers.

-Performance is changed. Its like a Bus & not like a car.

-Change paint.
-Change rim paint.
-Change Window tints.
-Change speedometer.
-Change vinyls though all may not appear correctly.
REST NOT MENTIONED ARE NON-CUSTOMIZABLE like vinyls, decals, hoods & body kits.

My email should be used only for complaints & bug reports only. If you dont know how to install, then also email or ask in the comments. I will surely help. I dont accept any car requests. So all other emails including the requests one will be completely ignored. I under any circumstances not going to change the car it replaces.

I have invested a lot of time in converting many cars to NFS:Most Wanted. I improve with every conversion & it takes lot of time & effort to convert cars to Most Wanted. It is a tough job to fix wheel & light positions. So please respect my work. Please dont steal & make duplicate copies of this car.

As this is not my vehicle, by downloading this car, you have agreed to the following:-
1:>You are not allowed to use any part of this car without the permission of Radu-Cristian.
2:>You are not allowed to tune, modify or convert this car to other games without the permission of Radu-Cristian.
3:>You are free to upload this car to any website provided that the files, author & screenshot remains the same.
4:>You are allowed to convert this car to other games provided Radu-Cristian remains the author of the car.

–––->KNOWN BUGS<–––-
1:>The vinyls of the bus appear blurred in the menu. Its because the bus appears close.
2:>The cameras are not 100% proper.
3>The bus doesnt show windows if you look behind when the camera is inside the bus.

1:>The bus driver doesnt have license to drive. So the bus will work a bit strange.
2:)The bus doesnt have passengers because they didnt have money to travel with this bus. Travelling fee is $59 for one mile. Also. Even if some passengers can afford, they dont because driver is a bike driver & doesnt know how to drive a 4 wheeler. So he will dash the bus.
3:)Body bags will be prepared at your arrival station.
4:)There is a seatbelt on ever seat. But its too tight to extend. Youur chest will pain if you successfully manage to put it. So also bring painkillers.

Well enough chit chat now. Thank you for your time in reading all this. Now what are you waiting for? Just download, install & drive this model. You will earn money travelling people. ;)


- Ark-X Stylizer
(Super NFS:MW Convertor from Stingers)


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