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Ford Crown Victoria Undercover

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Here is a replacement for the Undercover Civic Cruiser its based on my replica of the NFS 6 version of the Pursuit CV from the PS2 version. It has almost the same features as the marked unit but only the labels, markings and lightbar removed too. This car can be played with only a modifed save file which one can be made through hex editing, a modifed save file can be downloaded or use a hex editor. However it will cause the game if you crash the unit into another car or anything else unless you have the MW Advance Control trainer by ByTesss with its feature that prevents AI cars from crashing the game when they being played. Like the normal unit about the logos they were added into the front end bin with NFSTex editor for the sake of making police cars with real world logos since its really impossible to give police or traffic cars logos. This car also uses the ceiling mounted lights from the Undercover Civic Cruiser as well. It has the same damage and rest of the other features just like the normal Crown Victoria.


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