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Fantasy La Nina Concept

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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The now is the past and the past is the now….XD, lets get this show on the ROAD!

Hello guys, it's finally done!! Or rather, what I have done on it, since I don't have much time at the moment to continue working on this, I could have submitted this a week ago, but things came up. Anyway if you are reading this long rant of mines, I really do appreciate it. The first NFS game I had played was NFS3 for the PSX and it was a blast!, Then I had bought NFS4 high stakes back in 1999 for the PC and boy it was a thrill! Never would have imagined the extacy I was in when I changed the graphics setting from software to hardware could be so great! Nonetheless the software render still looked loads better than the psx ever could, even when emulated with epsxe.

I'm quite suprised that no one has remade this car, the La Nina or the El Nino for that matter for the current moddable nfs games. I give major props to SnakeCobra for making a high poly(now low poly) version of this car for NFSHS. If he's still around, tell him that he inspired me to do this as well as ExoticLover. This car was not easy to make at all, given that there were no blue prints, Only thing I could really do was drop the fce model into zmod, turn it into a 3ds file, pop it into Cinema 4D and then draw a few splines so that I would know how long and fat the car was, where the wheels were suppose to go and pretty much everything else was freestyled. In the end, I made the car slightly wider than it's suppose to be…..Somewhere along the lines of making it, I had stretched out my splines. Realized this when I had reimported the original mesh so I could do a tribute import to MW and it was skinnier than my model, lol.

The original model that I had put in was 381,897 or so triangles total with 1 wheel. However this is too high poly for most users, so I did do a squash down on the poly rate, but ofcoarse doing so left the geometry looking sort of funky. Anyway in the Archive that I have submitted, you'll notice 3 Folders with names that correspond to which quality they are. Since i didn't want to put it all into one file, since even though your settings are on low, the game may still force the high poly mesh and not the lower ones, so I put them as different car files.

Polygon count:
Original Model:
Car/Driver: 1,052
Wheel: 40

Mid Poly:
Car/Driver: 18,054
Wheel: 5,243 each

High Poly:
Car/Driver: 50,354
Wheel: 9,445

I have also imported in the original NFS4 model as a tribute just for anyone that would like to play the original car, you know for those nostalgic moments of old. If you looked at the large collection of images that I have submitted along with this car, The Blue colored ones are the Mid Poly and the Red ones are the High Poly model. I have also attached images of the 1.3 million polygon version of the car rendered in Cinema 4D for your enjoyment.

For those that don't know, NFSMW's game engine actually doubles the polygon count of a car ingame, for example, if you used the mid poly, which is about 46k polygons with all 4 wheels, when ingame, it's actually loaded 92k triangles, since the game doesn't have real reflections, so for the ground reflections, it loads another version of the car directly below the ground geometry. I thought this was quite interesting when I found out. lol.

The Driver model is a female with D cups, XD. Anyway Her clothing and the chair she sits on as well as the speakers and the X on the amps in the rear, the color on these models are controlled via the color of the car. So if you change the color of the car, their color changes as well. Same goes with the wheels. The reason I did this to the wheels is because most people are going to swap out my original wheels with the ingame ones anyway, so it shouldn't matter, though I'm pretty sure there will be some moron that will comment on it and not bother reading my article first.

The performance of this car is really fast! I made it pretty much how I see the original La Nina in NFSHS with the engine cheat code on. So with that said, it's FAST, but has strong brakes and the engine braking has been upgraded as well, since for most turns, the engine braking will usually slow you down enough to make it without loosing too much speed. FYI, engine braking is what slows down your car as you let off the gas for those that drive automatics or only know about how automatic cars work…..You don't think about this if all you drive are autos. This car was made to be used with full upgrades.
So As what my uncle called the El Nino/La Nina back in the day, the crash mobile because we were always crashing at every turn, lol, you'll pretty much do that in this if you don't know the track or just can't seem to figure out that you can't turn and have your foot on the gas at the same time.

I changed the hood/bonnet camera to look like it's behind the dashboard, rarely when going into this view, the car might not loadup and only the interior is visible, just push the look back button and it should load in, if not, push it again until it does. The dummies on the original for the tail lightlights aren't exactly lined up correctly, but it should be fine for the most part, I was going to stretch the mesh out a bit to make it match, but it left the wheel arches looking sort of odd.

Now info on the car addon:
-Replaces: Fiat Punto
-Car is not made to be played stock, upgrade to max to play correctly or you'll get smoked at the start line.
-Windows are not paintable, however you can increase the reflections if you change its color setting.
-Max upgraded Engine sound has been changed to…….You'll See(or hear). XD.
-Spoiler and Roof Scoop dummies are there, but the car's got an odd shape so um, yah…..rofl galore!
-DON'T CHANGE THE HOOD!, I think for the high poly, the engine is sitting on that layer. XD…if you want to remove the engine, then go ahead, lol.

-Installing it:
Put the 72-LANINA.BIN file in your manufacturer folder, and then out of the 3 folders, pick which ever one you want to use, open up that folder, inside will be a Folder named PUNTO, put that folder into your Addons Cars Replace folder. and enjoy!…Remember, max upgrade or you'll only move 2 mph! XD. DOn't need NOS unless you're that bored.

That's pretty much it. For those that have read my long description, thankyou again.
Not my wife this time since she wasn't here to support me, XD.
ExoticLover and SnakeCobra for inspiring me to do this piece.
Tim Moore, used his stock wheels from his NFSHS El Nino addon for the original's wheel.
Whazizname( for the Female driver model which was positioned and made in Poser. for the font to make the Manufacturer and Secondary logos.
Addict for making Viv Editor.
Fox for telling me about the hood/bonnet cam and bodykit wheel values, however I didn't add in any extra kits, they were quite high poly. ;)
Rio Grande from for the engine sound hash list and how to apply them.
Excelerate for telling me to bug Fox for help, lol.
And several others but I just don't remember their names right now.

Tools used:
Cinema 4D R10
Photoshop CS3
Zmodeler 1.07

Legal stuff:

You may redistribute this model anywhere and import it into any game that you want, however, as long as the creator stays the same and don't do like some chinese people how, say if their name is wongdynasty, they'll put in the author as djoverlay and wongdynasty. Don't you dare add yourself as the author, you had no part in the 3 week making of this project. If you do put it somewhere else or into another game, please please please tell me about it and give me a link, either contact me via forums or goto my deviantart at: and register there and tell me about it.

…Someone was asking for a pursuit version, but I don't have the time to figure out what that entails or what the use of that would be for, so if anyone could, please make a pursuit version out of this for those that want it as one.

-Anthony V

May update later with some bodykits, unless some of you want to make some, that would be much easier on me. XD.



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