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NFS Most Wanted BE 1.3 Trainer

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted
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Need for Speed Most Wanted Black Edition v1.3 +22 Trainer

Game Trainer Options:

?N2O & Speedbreaker – Toggle infinite N2O & Speedbreaker
?Never Busted – You can’t be caught by cops
?Cooldown – The progress bar will go to Evade and then Cooldown and cops will stop chassing you (doesn’t deactivate Cooldown even if the cops are in your sight)
?Always Win – In sprint,circuit & drag, you’ll be the winner even if you’re the last
?No Collision – No more collision (hit reset car position key, your car must be blinking)
?Blind Cops – The cops won’t see you anymore (Cooldown will still be deactivated if cops are in your sight)
?Alone – Ride alone in every race (aka.always win)
?Speedbooster – Your car speed and handling will be increased (could reduce max speed of some cars)
?Direct Challenge – Challenge a rival without completing races or milestone or bounty
?Heavy Car – Set your car so heavy that you can resist a SUV Heavy Front Attack
?Instant Speed Up – Hit F5 and your car will get the speed defined in the field
?Double Speed – Hit F6 to multiply your speed by 2
?Instant Break – Instant break
?Car Punch – Give you a very high speed to smoke cars in front of you and then instant break
?Black List Position – Read or set your current position in the Black List(this will also allow you to buy the latest cars)
?Heat Level – Numpad+ to level up the heat and Numpad- to level down it(start from 1 and up to 99) Numpad0 to set back to default
?Unlock – Unlock cars & upgrade parts, let you buy the best stuff without defeat the required rival (Disable it before entering Select Car window to avoid crash)
?Bonus Makers – You can set you markers, 63 max
?Position Save & Load – Save & Load up to 3 slots using Numpad 4 to 9
?Numpad/reset saved position to default
?Numpad7 – Central Rosewood Safe House
?Numpad8 – Point Carnden Shop
?Numpad9 – Gray Point Safe House
Do not hesitate to hit several times until you get the place you want
?Parts Modifier – Select a car number (start from 0) and hit Read button
Keep in mind that putting 0 will not bring your first car data nor putting 5 will bring your sixth car data. That’s because car are stored in a weird way. You have to test by changing data to see if it’s actually your car.


Original Author: gnagna2000
Uploaded: MCO



You have to run the game first, then start the trainer.Read the Functions above!

If the trainer does not open, go to the comp-mode (right click/properties/comp mode)and set it for Windows 98/ME, you probably have to do this everytime you have moved the trainer to another folder.
It is possible that another Comp-Mode than Windows 98/ME will make the trainer work also.

Any Question feel free to ask here :)

Have Fun.


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