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NFS:PU Extreme Factory Driver Mod BETA v0.1

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
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Are you a big fan of NFS:PU? Have you completed the Factory Driver and Evolution mode countless times, no matter how easy they are? Do you consider yourself as a really good player? If so, then this mod is for you! I am playing this game since 2000 and i still enjoy playing it regularly. I've always dreamed about something more challenging in this game, because Factory Driver and Evolution mode are really easy for each and everyone of you and im 100% sure about that. So i decided to create this, because this game deserves better.

This mode features a .SAV file with modified factory driver challenges starting from the first one. Cars are changed and new record times are adjusted for each and every course.

IMPORTANT: This mode is using the RAW CAR DATA!!! No modified handling or speed, just use a raw game or download the original car data files if you want to play this mode. Otherwise, you wont feel the experience :)

BETA v0.1 The save file features only 5 developed Factory Driver challenges. After that, there may be impossible courses, because im uploading here my beta work! I would like to know what you guys thing about this mod. Give me suggestions, should i continue with my work, do you enjoy it, etc. I wish you happy driving!

INSTALLATION: Put the file in SaveGame folder.

*Currently, im considering an Extreme Evolution Mod in future. Tell me what you think about this as well :)



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