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April 11, 2007, 6:21 a.m.

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Early morning Monte' Carlo

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
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Just a new sky. I created this at the same time that the track shows, meaning when i made this, the real sky was the same color as you see in the track. Whenever I see this, I feel that night again, that i was awake till morning making this. Dowload it, and have fun. Looks kind of cool.

-The water surface matches with the background texture
-Reflections of the city can be seen on water
-Cloudy Sky
-Its able to be used on any of the Monte' Carlo Traks
-512x512 texture background
-Special Wallpaper

-Always for the best graphics of any track mod, switch the resolution to 32bit color depth so it will be more clear. My graphics card is so weak so my screen shot is too low resolution. Dont judge on it, its just 800x600 16-bit color. pleases submit screen shots if you can.

-Any copyright for your own projects will be OK if you just mention my name as the author. If you E-mail me to know that you thought this mod deserved to be used in your projects, I'll be so happy. So that might be great also.

-Updated: The sky is now cloudy. Just looks more realistic. If you wish to not have a cloudy sky, you can use Monaco4.txt in the Backup folder.

Thanks to all,
-Amir GTR


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