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Chevrolet 2002 Camaro SS

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
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here is the F-body Faction
2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS
converted to nfs5 during the filter testing
by Azrael
along with F-body Faction

this is my own mesh

DO NOT convert this to any other game

tools used scrap studio by Aru
crp filter by Aru
zmod 1.7

proper hood /hatch and door movement

lights fully workingDash view with working steering wheels
3d wheels
sim file used for all other models was made to match this cars specs

im only posting these as alot of people asked for them

the zip has the directorys to place the files in
ive added the save data you will need to edit it with file editor to change the name

this is a Full conversion non beta
damage was an option at this point but i had choose not to use it as it was always buggy even with the stock cars
this was made with the pre locking version of the final filter it is as complete as my iroc was
i am only posting this as a Non F-body Faction Release as this was all my hard work with great thanks to Aru for letting me get new cars in nfs5 a game ive always liked as it is more of a simulation then the rest
i was honored to be a alpha and beta tester of the conversion tools

so here it is
have fun with it


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