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McLaren F1

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
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The McLaren F1

Originally converted from Need For Speed: ProStreet to Nfs6 by MKIIITwinTurbo

Converted from Nfs6 to Nfs5:PU by Newguy2.


Changeable colours.

Working Lights(signals, reverse , etc).

Semi Accurate Performance: say about 50-60% accurate at least. (I cant make it very accurate because I have'nt driven a McLaren F1 before. LOL!)

It doesnt have Damage. Too many polys(23k polys).


I have'nt noticed any. But if you see some bugs please email me and i will do my best to fix them.


1.Cut or copy the McLarenF1.crp and McLarenF1.tpg files and paste them in the Gamedata/Carmodel folder. (The gamedata folder will be where your copy of Nfs5Porsche Unleashed or Porsche 200 is installed in your Computer).

2.Cut or Copy the McLarenF1.sim file and paste it in the GameData/simulation/CarData folder.

3.Cut or Copy the 2trial.sav file in the SaveData folder. (The SaveData Folder is in the same folder where the Porsche.exe file is located in your computer.

4.Open the game , select the "trial" profile and in the place where you choose your car to race, choose the McLaren F1 to view it .



EA for creating the Mesh.

MKIIITwinTurbo for giving the mesh, textures and permission.(And to all he credited for his convert)

Arushan for his CRP-Filter.

Oleg the author of Zmod version1.07.

Martin and Zlatko the authors of File Editor 1.1.

Roof Rabbit the author of NFs5Edit 1.03.

Race2XTC the author of SimEdit(English) Beta.

Seasalt's website for information on the Unknown variables.

The author of CarSuit.

Denis Auroux the Author of FSHTool.

The Author of EA Graphics editoe , to create the fsh files.
Terms of use:

You may upload the car(with this Read Me, without ANY CHANGES to the car) to any site you wish but only after obtaining MY PERMISSION.

But you are free to edit the car for your personal use.


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