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Aug. 9, 2008, 12:11 a.m.

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Porsche Carrera GT concept version

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
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2001 Porsche Carrera GT concept version
Converted from Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and Most Wanted
All credits to Electronic Arts for the mesh and some of the textures.
Thanks to AirOne for any mesh converted from Most Wanted, which is available at:


Author: Gerhard`

This is the result of having OCD :)

Features and Updates

MW Mesh: Thanks to AirOne for the follwing mesh converted from MW, driver, roof, window frame and brakes.

Wheels: The original HP2 wheels looked nothing like the real car's, so I modified them to perfection.

High Res 1024x1024: Interior, Engine and a few other textures were done by me. Others came directly from HP2 and MW.

Animated Driver: The driver has arm movement.

License Plate: The license plate displays "YOUR OWN" username.

Showcase: Official Porsche Carrera GT concept photos and stats in the showcase menu.

Menu Logo: Carrera GT logo in the garage menu.

Changeable color: Everything can be changed like, the body, wheels, brakes and interior for you to customize.
Change the wheels and brakes using trim package 7 and the interior using custom colors.

Damage: Carbon Fibre Like Body damage and Window damage that can be seen from the interior.

Lights: Headlights, Fogs, Signals, Reverse and Brakes.

Hardtop: Buyable in evolution mode in the parts section.

Upgrade: Buy superchargers, engine upgrades, suspension upgrades, tyres ect. to enable your car to reach speeds of up to 262.5mph /420kmh

Opening Parts: Doors, Hood and Trunk all open.

Brakes: Brakes turn and move with the wheels.

Interior windows: Clear when driving with the interior view.

Buyable: I did include a save file with two cars, one standard and one tuned with the best parts.
But you can also buy this car for $0 and sell it for $100,000,000 in Evolution mode.

Factory Driver: You can do all the factory driver missions with the car using my save file.

Setup: Extract the zip file then run "Setup" or if you have WinZip just run "Setup"


I highly recommend GTR's (aka Amir) Reflection mod Version 1.4 - "Simulation Racing"
It's the most realistic reflection mod I found and is ideal for high poly cars.
(The screen shots were taken while using it)

Download here:

Please report any bugs
Update: Black window in interior view fixed

Thank you and enjoy!!!


"This car is exclusively for NFSCars and may not be uploaded to any other site!"


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