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Nov. 22, 2009, 12:49 p.m.

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NFS Carparts Editor v0.8d

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed
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Hello everyone,

Recently I've been looking @ cars that some of you've made, and I came across quite a few save-games with a lot of rubbish in them, so I decided to extend my tool with a save-game checking option. Also, since the last version's been released a few years ago, I've fixed some bugs that I came across in the meantime. For the moment, this new version does not run on Win98 (**).

The download link is here:…itor.v0.8d.rar

I'll try & upload it to NFScars when my PC is ready to create a zip archive.

The new save-game (SAV-file) checking function runs through all SAV-files in the SaveGame directory.
It looks up all car-IDs in every known position in the SAV-file, and compares them to the car-IDs in the file.
Car-IDs are stored for FDT cars, opponent cars, garage cars, used car market cars and knockout cars.
It checks whether a model file (CRP-file) exists, especially for garage cars, used car market cars and knockout cars.
Furthermore it looks up all part-IDs in every known position in the SAV-file, and compares them to the part-IDs in the NFS5.prt file.

Automatic corrections are not (yet) as extensive as these checks, because usually the game runs fine, even with a lot of broken references. Also, some corrections can only be made by fixing instead of by deleting a reference. Fixing a reference is not straightforward, for example in case of a part-ID which doesn't exist in the NFS5.prt file The automatic corrections take place with:
- invalid allowed cars in a race (removal);
- invalid FDT cars (replacement);
- invalid used-car-market cars (removal);
- invalid knockout cars (replacement);
- invalid garage cars (removal);
- invalid parts of garage cars (removal).

The function also checks the parts of cars in the file, but it won't alter any.
In any case, I recommend using this function with care, and always make backups.

For a complete description of changes in this version, please read the readme RTF-file in the installation package.

In case you find a bug, or if you've got a good idea for additional features, then just send me a message and we'll figure it out. You'll find my address in the tool, or in the readme RTF-file.

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